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    Becoming a L'Oreal salon?

    Hi I own a salon and we currently use Schwartkopf but I am looking to switch to loreal how do people find them? What are there opening packages like and do they offer free training Thanks
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    Make up courses

    Hi I need help I am qualified in make up but I want to update skills can anyone recommend any good refresher courses I want to learn cut crease eyemake up and contouring x
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    Can't decide on make up course

    I'm struggling to decide what to do about a make up course I have just become a virtual stockist for make up by hd brows which I love as a brand but there conversion course is £1500 including kit i don't know if it is worth investing in it can anyone recommend any better brands ive just been...
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    Which LED curing gel polish?

    Hi I have just invested in an led lamp, I currently do shellac and biosculpture I know that shellac doesn't cure under led but I am looking for something to go along side these but not sure of which brand to go with im getting mixed reviews any help will be great x
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    Manager and staff targets and incentives

    Hi everyone i have had a salon for 3 years it does well but I feel it's mainly down to me promoting salon/staff I'm trying to come up with ways to motivate and insentivise my staff what do people find works for them?
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    IPL licence and registration

    Hi I am jyst starting to do ipl and my insurance company have said my premises must be registered but on search online I don't no who to register with, I've looked at my local council, read some posts saying you have to register with care quality commission but on website states that cosmetic...
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    Room to rent CH66

    I have a room to rent within my salon, it would be ideal for beauty therapist, holistic therapist, chiropodist, nail technician. Great rates ideal for someone starting out or with a clientele message me for more info x
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    Cocochoco Brazilian blow dry reviews

    I am looking into brazillian blow dries but not sure which one to go with has anyone had experience with cocochoco what do they think or is there any others people recommend thanks
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    IPL InSpa or other rental companies?

    Hi i am after a bit of advice does anyone rent an ipl machine I have seen a couple if companies online but not sure how good they are I seem Skinbase, inspa and also hpt does anyone have machines with these what is your weekly fee and are you making good profits with it Thanks
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    Hi I have just expanded my salon and I am looking into hiring asunshower with a changing room attached does anyone know any companies that do these as I am struggling to find 1 :-s thanks x x
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    Staff handbook and health and safety

    Hi everyone im after a bit of help what do people do for staff hand books and health and safety, I've got a salon but I'm goin over the 5 employee threshold next week and I'm a bit baffled on what I need to do to make sure all areas covers including risk assessments etc if any one has any...