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    Lash lifts/perms

    I actually ended up buying the biometrics kit and the results are unreal compared to salon systems. Lash lifts like never before. Clients so happy. Plus the development time is very fast, 5 or 6 min per lotion. Thank you for your help!
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    Lash lifts/perms

    Hey everyone, just wondering about the best product to use for lifts. I have been using salon systems but feel I need a change. Has anyone any experience using biometrics lift lotions?
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    Hollywood mirror

    Wondering if anyone can help me re lights for a Hollywood mirror bought from IKEA. Trying to figure out what bulbs to get for it. I've been looking and bought a couple but they glare. LED 5.5 40watt warm white.There are 10 bulbs needed. Any suggestions? Should I get 25watt x 10 bulbs? Thanks