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    Advice needed for a customer complaint

    Hello, I am need of some professional advice with a recent customer making a complaint. We had a therapist hold treatments at a venue we regularly attend and she followed everything correctly. The venue contacted me to see if there were issues with the heating & hot water as the therapist...
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    Spilt primer

    Hi all please can I have your advice. Recently I went to a customers house to do her nails i did them on an offer and everything went well until my nail primer fell over and the lid wasn't completely screwed on I cleaned this straight away told her I will help with costs etc Well..... She...
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    New salon

    I have just started working at a new salon which is in the countryside 10 minutes travel from local housing areas. There's a ball pit next door which I've aimed treatments at but no luck. This salon is all from fresh so I am trying to get as much clientele as possible. Any tips and advice...