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    Which is the best spray tan solution?

    hi, ive just been trying to decide on which solution to use too. think im gonna go with Famous Dave, check it out online and its been getting 5/5 in loads of mags even saying its the best one the editors have ever tried. My sister uses it too and loves it as its really natural, unscented and...
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    Advice on a nice make up for salon use and to retail

    Hi, i was trained in art deco last year and ended up buying loads of foundation just for myself!! it is really good and lovely to work with, i think im going to use art deco when i start mobile very soon :)xx
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    which products?

    Please can you help me? Im just trying to get things sorted to be a mobile therapist :eek:, thing is i cant decide which products to use for facials, mani/pedi!! anyone got any advice? id really appreciate it xx:)
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    Yoohoo everybody!!

    I am new to salon geek so hi everyone!!! im in the proccess of starting up mobile and need a bit of help1 i cant decide on which system/products to use for facial and mani/pedi, any reccommendations? also so many people have told me not to post flyers or leaflets as its a waste of time and...