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  1. Shiv9mbs

    Massage gun?

    Thanks so much. I’ve seen Jings courses and they look amazing so I’ll look into that
  2. Shiv9mbs

    Massage gun?

    Do any professionals use one of these in their sports massages etc? I’m 20 years in the business and starting to feel sore doing deep tissue etc.
  3. Shiv9mbs

    Acrylics as a mobile nail tech?

    Sorry to jump on this post but what brand of acrygel do you recommend?
  4. Shiv9mbs

    Mama Mio products

    Does anyone stock these? How do they sell for you etc
  5. Shiv9mbs

    High end solutions?

    Nouvatan is fantastic.
  6. Shiv9mbs

    Sparkling nails-false view for clients?

    Ha maybe my wee town has only caught on as I have seen this app used so much lately [emoji85]
  7. Shiv9mbs

    Sparkling nails-false view for clients?

    So I'd love you guys opinions on apps that add sparkling to videos of glittery nails? Yay or nay? Personally I think it gives clients a false idea... although I'd hope they'd know that someone has added an effect.
  8. Shiv9mbs

    Nail sparkle insta-story app?

    I don't use any because it gives clients a false illusion of sparkles and they expect in real life....
  9. Shiv9mbs

    Is it possible to teach your own courses without an AET?

    Ok help but what does AET stand for? Sorry for the stupid question lol
  10. Shiv9mbs

    Any beauty assessors out there?

    How did you go about with qualifications etc?
  11. Shiv9mbs

    Can anyone recommend a dermaplaning course in Scotland?

    Thank you guys!
  12. Shiv9mbs

    Can anyone recommend a dermaplaning course in Scotland?

    Preferably nearer Glasgow as am on the west coast
  13. Shiv9mbs

    Primark stick on nails

    So I'm about to vent about something I keep seeing on a Facebook group. I've actually left the group as I got so annoyed lol! Everyone's banging on about these primark glue on nails that last for weeks. A so called nail tech put up she had put them on as she couldn't be bothered doing her own...
  14. Shiv9mbs

    Retail mark up?

    I know elemis have a minimum treatment room number and start up stock (£10k was last time I checked) and can't speak for Guinot but in my small town of 12,000 population Dermalogica has saturated the market completely and 4 places are all competing. I wouldn't touch them as the place next door...
  15. Shiv9mbs

    Online diary for clients to book own appointments?

    Ovatu has saved my sanity! I'm on my own and after doing 9/10 hours of treatments I can't reply to people as fast as I'd like to. This online booking has not only decreased my workload but I'm getting new clients all the time because of how easy it is
  16. Shiv9mbs

    Handling waitlists

    I use a booking system called Ovatu and this has a waiting list function
  17. Shiv9mbs

    Electric couch heater?

    Same as the above posters.... single bed heated blanket works a treat!
  18. Shiv9mbs

    Can I offer gel polish only?

    Good for you! Best of luck with it [emoji173]️[emoji8]
  19. Shiv9mbs

    Stamping polishes!

    Another vote for mundo de unas xx
  20. Shiv9mbs

    Can I offer gel polish only?

    Same as the other posters.... I only offer normal nail polish and Gelish. I trained in l&p and gel extensions but I'd rather educate people of taking care of their own natural nails. Xx