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    Entity UV Top Coat

    Hi girls, I'm looking for a bit of feedback. I am thinking about trying Entity UV Top Coat for my acrylics, and wondered what your thought's are on it. TIA. :hug:
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    Hair Extension Training

    I'm researching Hair Extension training. I've been on the forum searching but to no availe found what I'm looking for. I'm based in Scotland, and have no Hairdressing experience. Please be aware I am not jumping into this head first with a plan of doing training tomorrow and opening a...
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    Training In Scotland (again lol)

    Hi i'm new, and i have been looking at a learning-at-home course due to my full time job. But the thing is I'm waiting to find out if the ASET qualification is recognised in Scotland. And basically if this falls through, I feel the s**t will have hut the fan! Now I've read back heap...