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  1. Sharny

    Be.You.Tiful training academy, Botox & dermal fillers level 3 beauty

    Hi, has anyone on here trainied with the above, I have spoken to them today and they have said that I can train in Botox and Dermal Fillers as I have a Level 3 in Beauty, they also mention insurance with a company called Insync on their facebook page. I have spoken to the Insurance company and...
  2. Sharny

    Nouvatan 20%

    For those that have used the 20% what do you think of it? I got my other half to spray me and left it on 4 hours, it looked a decent enough colour but a bit patchy, although that could be down to him not being trained ;-) I did a client last night and she left it on 5 hours and said this morning...
  3. Sharny

    Callus Peel replacement smoothing pads

    Hi, I use Callus Peel and love it as do my clients, but do any of you know if there is an alternative to the replaceable smoothing pads that you use at the end to buff the feet? I'm only trying to find out if there is a cheaper alternative that is just as good ? Thanks
  4. Sharny

    Match for Gelish "Make You Blink Pink"

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is another brand of Gel Polish or a Shellac that is a match for Gelish make you blink pink, Please ? x
  5. Sharny

    Nouvatan Tan in a Can

    Does anyone on here use this? if so is it any good? x
  6. Sharny

    Nail techs that offer Gelish in Scotland?

    Hi I have a client who has moved from Warwickshire to Airdrie in Scotland and she's looking for a Nail Tech who offers Gelish, are there any nail techs on here around that area? x
  7. Sharny

    Chroma gel one step

    Hi, I by thinking of bringing in one of the one step gel polishes for using with pedicures. I don't really want to offer nail lacquer as it's a lot of waiting around in my opinion but don't want to offer gelish cheap. Toes don't really need as much strength so I thought one of the one step gels...
  8. Sharny

    Facials - open pores

    Hi, I am just about to start offering Facials to my treatment list and I am looking into the different products available. I am slightly rusty as I haven't done a proper facial since I was at college which was some years ago and I guess things will have really moved on. What is the best...
  9. Sharny

    Acrylic & hard gel - tip & overlay or sculpt

    Hi, For those of you that do nail extensions, which do you prefer to do and why, Tip & Overlay or Sculpts? Is one way harder wearing in your opinion, easier to do, remove/re-balance? If you do tip and over lay, which tips do you find the best? x
  10. Sharny

    Artistic rock hard gel

    Those of you that use this, how do you find it to apply and how strong is it please? Is it much different to gelish hard gel which i have tried but dont like. Thanks :-) Sent from my Nexus 7 using SalonGeek mobile app
  11. Sharny

    Facial waxing

    I am just starting to offer facial wasxing using perron rigot cirepil visage, i'm just wondering what those of you that use pr charge for this, for eyebrows, lip and chin? ive just been asked to do someone with pcos and im going to do a consultation first to see how much hair growth there is and...
  12. Sharny

    Soak off hard gel

    I still can't decide which brand to go with, i need a really hard wearing gel as my clients are really heavy handed, i wanted to do acrylic and i bought a nail trainer and the essential nails acrylic dvd to practice, but i just cant get on with all the filing :-( i was thinking of going with...
  13. Sharny

    Perron Rigot waxing essentials

    Hi, I am just looking for some advice on the pre and post waxing products, I am just about to introduce waxing into my list of services, i'm only doing facial at the moment to see how I like it. I trained years ago but haven't done any waxing for a long time :Scared: I've decided to get the...
  14. Sharny

    Tips on using striping tape with Gelish/gel polish

    Hi, does anyone have any tips on using a striping tape with gelish? How do you remove the tape without it lifting some of the gel polish off? If someone could give me a step by step i would be very grateful as most of the you tube vids use normal polish! :-) xx Sent from my Nexus 7 using...
  15. Sharny

    Seaside nails?

    Ive been asked by a client to get some designs ready to show her of seaside nails, as a back up to foing freehand, does anyone know of a decent stamp with designs such as shells, anchor's etc?, i see moyou do some but i cant actually see a picture of the stamps on the website? X Sent from my...
  16. Sharny

    Black gel polish

    Does anyone know if there is a really good Black Gel Polish out there that covers in two coats? I have Gelish and it is a nightmare, It took 4 coats today to gt fu8ll coverage. Does anyone know if IBD, ACG or any other brand are any better? x
  17. Sharny

    Callus Peel & pedicures?

    For those of you that offer Callus Peel, do you do a full pedicure alongside it? I have been asked for one and was just thinking, would I do the Callus Peel treatment and then leave off the cream at the end and go straight to a foot soak, do the rest of pedicure and then replace my usual Kaeso...
  18. Sharny

    Which is the most hard wearing soak off hard gel?

    I am in the process of trying to decide whether to offer acrylics or hard gel, I am swaying towards gel as my clients seem to prefer it and also i can't handle the smell from acrylic and all the filing. Advice from those who have offered both acrylic and gel on which is the hardest wearing and...
  19. Sharny

    Bridal make-up

    I am thinking of adding wedding Makeup to my services, I am qualified in makeup but mainly do nails, tans facials etc, I have been asked by a hairdresser if she can recommend me to brides to be so I want to get a decent make up kit but i don't want to spend loads in case i doesn't take off...
  20. Sharny

    Acrylic & filing

    I'm just starting practicing on my nail trainer with sculpting acrylics, is a 100 grit file the best to use? I have 150 & 180 but have just been told I need to use 100 grit? I will be taking a course but I want to make sure it's for me before spending the money :) Hats off to those of you that...