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  1. shazapoppy

    Unbranded acrylic rebalance

    Hi Ihad a new client booked in for a rebalance of acrylic that had been done in another salon & on for 4 wks. I explained it would depend on the condition of the nails if i could rebalance & she said that was fine. My client came in and the nails looked very thick and long but much to my...
  2. shazapoppy

    Nails not lasting

    Hi Ive been a nail tech for 4 years & in the last couple of months a few of my regular gel clients are breaking or loosing nails 7-10 days into the service when they used to get 3 weeks, they havent changed their routine & either have I, it is with gelish & struture gel or gelish over artistic...
  3. shazapoppy

    No wipe gel polish top coat?

    Hi im looking for a no wipe gel polish top coat i use gelish & artistic , I hate the way it loses it shine when i remove the tacky layer, cuticle oil just isnt the same. Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  4. shazapoppy

    Pro Impressions-can't get through?

    Does anyone know whats happening with pro impressions or have a tele no for them? im trying to reorder nail tips but the website is weird- totally changed and the no im trying is always engaged, thanks anyone. xx Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  5. shazapoppy

    Nail technicians & runny nose

    Hi This may sound strange but have any techs got problems with runny noses since working with nails? I have been doing nails acrylic/gel & gelish for about 2 years and have noticed in the last 6 months ive had 2 sinus infections & lingering need to constantly blow my nose. Ive never had nasal...
  6. shazapoppy

    Gelish black shadow

    Hi Ive just completed ( eventually) a set of gelish black shadow / silver rockstar and feel the need to sit in a darkened room. I know black shadow can be tricky to work with but it wasn't curing at the cuticle of both little fingers and thumbs, I know it was the finger placement as i am...
  7. shazapoppy

    Gelish Water Fields or Vegas Nights?

    Hi gelish users Im just running out if my water fields & wondered if vegas nights would be a good alternative. Xx Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  8. shazapoppy

    Raspberry colour in Gelish or ACG

    Hi Can anyone recommend a rasberry colour in gelish or artistic colour gloss. A pic would be great Thanks.xx Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  9. shazapoppy

    What white do you use over acrylic?

    Hi I was wondering what white gel you all use over acrylic- if you do your French that way. Most of my clients change their design every 2 -3 weeks so I was doing it that way to make the rebalance easier. I use gelish Sheek white but was looking for something with slightly thicker coverage, and...
  10. shazapoppy

    Client with Bio Sculpture on

    Hi I have a client coming tomorrow who has been waring bio for quite a while, I would be using young nails gel and gelish to achieve the same type of nails, If she has her nails on can I buff them and in fill with young nails or do I remove them and start fresh. Thanks.x
  11. shazapoppy

    Adding sparkle to nail pics

    Hi all Could anyone recommend an app to edit nail pics to add sparkle to nail photos? Thanks
  12. shazapoppy

    Gelish changing colour

    How weird is this my client came in for a repair she has had her gelish up in the blue on for 6 days and it had changed from blue to like a turquoise green! I had to buff them all and apply 2 light coats to all her nails, will email nail harmony on Monday.
  13. shazapoppy

    Should I offer Bio Sculpture ?

    Hi geeks, I currently offer YN gel l&p and gelish, I am toying with training and offering bio sculpture as well but would I be doubling up on services with offering gelish along with structure gel or gelish over YN gel as well as bio??
  14. shazapoppy

    Index finger enhancements coming off

    Hi I have ironed out most of my lifting issues but I am finding that my clients can come in with no lifting or chips etc on all other fingers but the index and sometimes the middle finger are damaged or come off after 7-14 days(the rest are perfect) this is on gel and l&p. I know it would...
  15. shazapoppy

    Loving the 6g Gelish led

    Hi Ive just used the 6g for the first time on a gelish client and I love it, Previously I was using 2 x 36w uv lamps, but I am so impressed by how much harder the gelish seems to be cured especially the foundation coat, when I dry brushed it didnt go rough as usual - if you know what I mean...
  16. shazapoppy

    Just got the 6g LED

    Hi To fellow geeks that have the NH 6g I just had a few questions;- Do darker colours need 30 sec cure? Do you cure both thumbs at once, sort of Holding onto the sides of the lamp ( if you know what I mean) as your thumbs then seem to be at an angle and I was wondering if that effected the...
  17. shazapoppy

    Making big nails look finer!

    Hi I'm just wondering do you have any tips for making short wide nails look finer, IUKWIM.x
  18. shazapoppy

    Gelish and Glaze n Go

    Hi just wondering if anyone has used glaze n go or the young nails gel top coat over gelish that has been put over l&p or gel extensions?
  19. shazapoppy

    Can't view my own post?

  20. shazapoppy

    Ta-daaa the nail biter transformation

    Hi I'm totally chuffed, I posted last week about a mother of the bride and some advice on the best way to tackle her severely bitten nails, I've just finished and I'm delighted with the result... So thanks all for the brill advice.