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    Looking for a gel tech

    An ex client of mine is seeking an experienced hard gel technician in the beds/ bucks or northamptonshire area. She usually has a short sculpted l/ p soft white tip and the rest of the nail done in gel.shes very active and this combination seems to suit her lifestyle well. She would go all...
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    Dobermann wanted

    We are looking for a dobermann bitch age 6-18 months. Up to 100 miles from northampton. Good loving home with 61/2 acres of land.
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    Relocating, help me by sharing your experiences.

    Who has experience in relocation ? I am about to move location to somewhere rural about half an hours drive from my current location. i currently have a studio at home where i see clients and give one to one tuition. I have a classroom on a nearby business park where i teach larger groups. I...
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    hair/face shape+ skin/hair colour

    im thinking of a change, but as i get older i dont know how to judge what suits me anymore. my face has changed shape and my hair has started to grey a bit. i was wondering if there are any good websites that give guidance and pictoral examples that might give me a start so i can have some...
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    has anyone seen the nail art dvd by essential nails.

    anyone tell me what is included on this disk please ? is it painting or is it acrylic colour work ?
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    Salon furniture where can I get....

    A chest of drawers that has loads of slim drawers in it ? I remember seeing something literally years ago tha was perfect, metal I think with a high gloss finish and dozens of really shallow drawers. But it's too long ago to remember where it was from. Can anyone help me please.
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    who is entering ??

    i just finished submitting my strut your stuff competition mixed media entry, who else is having a try this year?
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    How does Shellac perform when suncream is used?

    does it go tacky like polish does or will it be ok like gel?
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    HAIR gallery?

    does anyone know of any online hairstyle galleries please.
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    Threading... what makes the thread break?

    i have just had a brow shape. the thread broke loads of times and it was the most painfull threading i have ever had. what makes the thread snap and could it be linked to the pain ? result was good by the way.
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    Brazilian keratin treatment not gone how I'd hoped

    i had the treatment on mon pm and followed the rules to the letter. washed out this morning after leaving on for 4 days . used the £50 shampoo and conditioner that goes with treatment. my hair looks hardly any different, i'm so disappointed. i called the salon but the stylist is busy atm...
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    Using colour after keratin treatment

    i am due to have my brasilian keratin treatment on monday. my hair is my natural colour with a little sprinkling of grey. every 3 weeks ish i use one of those old fashioned wash in wash out 'toners' hair colour sachets which perks my hair colour up just enough. after i have the keratin...
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    brazilian keratin in northampton

    does anyone know who offers the brazilian keratin type treatment in northampton. i would like someone with experience but prefer to go to an independant.
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    Mail order packing recomendations

    for those of you that provide a mail order service could you recomend to me a good value supplier of small boxes and other packaging materials please.
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    who is the current distributor for tammy taylor nails in the u.k

    does anyone know who the distributor is now please ?
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    educators wanted

    please email angelfingers38@hotmail.com if you are interested in this position. you will be asked to provide a selection of images of your work and suitable candidates will be forwarded for consideration to join the education team.
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    Nail shows 2010?

    could anyone please advise me on the 2010 trade show dates please? i have a list somewhere but i cant locate it atm.
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    Olympia hotels?

    i need to stay over at the olympia show for 3 nights. we usally go to the hilton right near the ehibition centre, but want to know if anyone has any recomendations for something a bit more budget concious. everything costs a bomb for singles. any ideas ? p.s dont say share, i love being on my own.
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    Can anybody recomend some good cat insurance please

    had our lovely kitten for 4 weeks now and i need to get some veterinary insurance sorted out. theres so many out there that i thought i would consult the wise geeks for a pointer in the right direction. what do you think ?
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    Good news for pro impressions tip users

    i know a lot of us swear by the excellent pro impressions well less tips for great quality and great prices. i have found out today that they have added to their range. the do a lovely well less competition style tip that has a 50% c curve but until now its only been available in white...