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    Mobile beauty set up post lockdown

    Hi, I too am mobile and I carry my disinfection tray to all appointments. Once I arrive at the clients house, I wash my hands, put on gloves and fill up my disinfection tray and add barbicide. I spray my tools with tool disinfectant. Once I have done the nail prep, I pop the tools into the...
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    Zuca bag or Roo Beauty Lolabelle mobile bag, which one to buy?

    Hi Salon Geeks, I would like to buy a new bag as I work mobile doing mani/pedis and tans. And currently using a tool bag from Homebase (it is awesome and sturdy but doesn’t fit my tanning kit), a supermarket bag for the pedi bowl and a mini suitcase. I have a Belava pedi tub for pedicures. My...
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    What can I carry my nail kit in?

    Looks great, but Im looking for something that can carry most or all or my equipment. Polish, gelish lamp, foot spa etc. At the moment I think its going to be a tool box, as these seem much cheaper than make up cases... https://www.screwfix.com/p/cj-1221-aluminium-mobile-storage-centre-26/2082p
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    What can I carry my nail kit in?

    Hiya I am just starting out as a mobile tech. What is the size of this storage box? Will the base be suitable for the Footsie Bath and Paraffin heater. And will the middle or top layer hold a Gelish lamp