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    Lack of confidence since lockdown

    Hi everyone, Since lock down a lot of clients (obviously) have a lot of root which on some I’m finding it harder than usual to match up. (Ones that have used purple shampoos, full head bleached etc) Once Iv lifted the hair Iv completely lost my confidence with Toning blondes. I don’t know why...
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    Grey hair - not blonde

    Iv been h/l this clients hair for about a year. Naturally she is salt and pepper grey. She cane to me with a flat base 5 on to get more to her natural hair. Iv bleached it with 9% with Olaplex and toned with different variants of ash/violet. Most recently matrix 8v but have used nxt Metallics...
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    Clients after Covid-19

    Iv read today that we will have to take the temperature of each client - has anyone bought any thermometers or are there any throw way ones you can get? Also is anyone putting their prices up to cover any extra costs of ppe etc? Or just in general? I want to keep everything fair but obviously...
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    Deep clean help - hairspray removal

    Does anyone have any sort of magic potion that will help get hairspray off the back of the salon chairs? I have a cleaner who comes in but she doesn’t get the build up off. The chairs are black leather - TIA x
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    Best phone/broadband

    Hi! We are a small salon, 2 stylists. We have broadband in the salon - mainly for customer use. We rarely call out - it’s 99% incoming calls. Is anyone with a phone company they’re happy with for landline/broadband. The 1 in with us £50 per month but us up next month. Thanks!
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    My parlux has burnt out - again! I’m so sick of buying expensive equipment and it not lasting. I have never used any other make of dryer than parlux but Iv gone through so many. I have seen another make - elchim has anyone tried them? If so what do you think of them?
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    Best bleach

    Hello, What would you say is the best bleach for the best lift? We generally use nxt for h/l etc but for clients wanting to push the hair to a level 10 and all the silver and ashy colours I don’t personally think it’s got the strength whilst keeping the hair in good condition. Thanks [emoji4]
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    Radio/TV licence

    Hi, Iv just paid my radio licence - nearly £300. There’s only me and 1 other stylist neither of us are full time, but we have 5 chairs. I personally think it’s very expensive but chill music doesn’t really fit in the style of the salon so obviously it has to be paid. But I was thinking if I...
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    Salon furniture

    Hi does anyone know of a company that buys used salon furniture?
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    Finding a stylist

    Where is the best place to advertise a job for a stylist? X
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    Alternative to dryer

    Is there any alternatives to the traditional hood dryer? The salon is small so all space is valuable, we have a good dryer but only use it for 1 customer every 4 weeks. Is there anything we could use so I could get rid of the free standing one?
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    Eyelash chair/bed

    A lady wants to rent a small space in the salon for eyelashes. There isn’t room for a bed but she has said a chair like this would work. Could I get some opinions on it please as personally (I don’t do beauty) I don’t think it looks comfortable enough
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    Wella Illumina & Instamatic

    Hi! My friend has base 5 and bleach h/l. She fancied a change and seen a lady up at the school our kids go to with hair that she would like. (Bright copper/peach colour, I’m on maternity leave at the moments so no colour chart) So thought I’d ask what she had on her hair. Turns out she’s a...
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    Salon desk inspiration

    Hi! I need a new salon desk - smaller rather than big - can I see some desks from your salons?
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    Nail station ventilation

    Hi, Iv a small salon and recently got a nail bar in and I’m about to advertise for a nail tech. But Iv no nail knowledge. Would I need them in a separate room or specialist ventilation as we are all in 1 room? If I do does the same apply if it was just gel nails? Any info appreciated x
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    Facebook booking system

    Hi, Iv seen on our Facebook business page that’s now doing a booking system which in theory sounds great as we get a lot of customers from Facebook. But just wondered if anyone has used it? And could people book multiple apps and not turn up/be time wasters etc? Thanks!
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    Employing a stylist part time

    Hello. Iv never employed anyone before, I have s small salon, 2 girls rent chairs. Iv just recently had a baby and can’t be at work as regularly so I want a stylist 2 days per week. Does anyone know about employment? Some questions I have are If it’s under 16 hours do I need to: Pay holiday...
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    Salon flooring - help!

    Hi, It’s come to the time to have a new salon floor. Currently have black laminate tile effect flooring so it never shows up marks. I’m considering a light grey laminate - but would hair colour/crazy colour stain if it was splashed? Any help appreciated! X
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    Best/cheapest card payment machine?

    My contract with my card company is coming to an end, Iv only ever had the 1 company before. But it’s so expensive for the rental and the charges. Does anyone have a good one for a small business (3 stylists) x
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    Difficult extension client wanting refund

    Hi, Long story short - client had pre bonded extensions on Thursday 8th nov. Messaged Thursday night to see if they should feel tight. Has messaged this morning saying her head is on fire and is burning, can’t stop crying and wants them out. Our extensionist is away this weekend and she’s...