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    Sewn in extensions - twisted not braided??

    i went on a hair extensions course on monday. specifically to learn how to do the sewn in extensions using a braid.... but the way i was taught was to twist the hair not braid which i dont think is as tight as a braid. so i was wondering if anyone has come across this method and if so is it as...
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    Advice on a nice make up for salon use and to retail

    At my salon we have recently started using airbase make up which as most of you will know is brilliant but its only foundation and blush. I was wondering if anyone can recommend any good but reasonably priced make up companies who has a good range/ quality of eye shadows, mascaras, etc that also...
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    Looking for a bright virbant red that lasts more than a week?!!

    I know its nearly impossible to find a red that stays in the hair longer than a week but.... i bleach bathed my hair last monday from a 3 to go red. i used fudge headpaint 66.66 which was gorgeous... for a day til i next washed it. i then done something which i shouldnt of :eek: i used loreal...
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    Removing bonded extensions

    hi everyone. i am trying to take my extensions out. well the bonds!!! ive put on the usual conditioner and acetone but they are really really stubborn and because they are so tough and im yanking them out its pulling my hair out too!!! :cry: can anybody recommend anything else that maybe youve...
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    Airbase make up course?

    :eek: Im just wondering if anybody has been on the airbase make up course recently.... because im going to the manchester one on November 15th. if so could you tell me what you actually do there and do you learn how to do a full face of make up or just actually apply the foundation and blusher...
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    Global keratin?

    does anybody know if u can order global keratin from a local wholesaler or direct from the company. im a hairdresser but not actually heard of this before it apparently smells of chocolate. and a friend of mine who lives a few hundred miles away has asked if i can get hold of some for her but...