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  1. rachael204

    Best microblading pigments?

    What pigments do you lovely microbladers prefer? I have trained with Epibrow but they only have 2 and I am wanting to try others as they are just too dark for some clients. xx
  2. rachael204

    The Ginger Warrior!

    My lovely friend Ceri aka The Ginger Warrior is on a mission to get her blog noticed! She posts every week day, always something interesting!! Check her out, it's free to subscribe and she is running a giveaway competition at the moment! I like talking to strangers - The Ginger Warrior...
  3. rachael204

    Working with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

    I have been suffering with dreadful pains and swelling in my hands and have been to the doctors today to be told it may be rheumatoid arthritis. I will be having blood tests on Wednesday to find out more. My question is how many fellow nail geeks are sufferers and how do you cope? It is, of...
  4. rachael204

    Sam Biddle Two Days In May

    Anyone going? Two Days in May - Be Inspired UK with Sam Biddle Design Event Looks great, but is quite expensive. Anyone attended something similar? Sam is a great inspiration and it would be great to learn from her - just need someone to tell me to go for it I think!!!
  5. rachael204

    Over pigmented skin

    Morning geeks - hoping someone can help me please. I have just been away and got a light tan and it has really highlighted the darker pigmented skin on my upper lip. So much so my Mum commented on it (no did you have a nice time, just "What's that on your face!!" Just wondering if there...
  6. rachael204

    Weight loss surgery

    Evening Geeks I am looking into having another weight loss op. Will give you a bit of background on me - I weighed 23 stone 4 lbs when I had a gastric bypass operation in 2005 and I managed to get down to around 16 stone 7lbs. Through one thing and another, unhappy relationship and a...
  7. rachael204

    How to become an accredited trainer?

    As the post says - what steps do you have to take to become an accredited trainer? Reason I ask is that a lady locally is offering tanning training for £150 and as far as I know she was shown how to tan by another therapist and 3 months on is now prepared to train others! The "certificate"...
  8. rachael204

    The Guild - Beauty or Nails?

    I am about to join the Guild - I mainly offer nail enhancements and Gelish but also do tanning, waxing etc. Am I best to join as a Beauty Therapist or Nail Technician? x
  9. rachael204

    Gelish Winter Reds

    I have been thinking about getting the Winter Reds (possible Valentines tie in promo) but already have red roses, hot rod red, good gossip, stand out, rose garden - any opinions please on similarities, differences, favourites etc! xx
  10. rachael204

    Beauty CV

    Afternoon Geeks I need to send my cv to someone re becoming an educator and am thinking that they will be expecting something slightly different to the normal where I went to school etc! Obviously name, date of birth and contact details. Was then thinking of all nail/beauty courses...
  11. rachael204

    MY wedding make up!

    Afternoon geeks! As the title suggests I am getting married! We are off to Vegas next month to do the deed and I am trying to decide what to do with my make up! I don't normally wear alot, a bit of max factor mineral powder and some mascara! I need to wear a bit more so I stand out in...
  12. rachael204

    Does anyone have insurance for being self employed?

    As it says - I was thinking the other about getting some personal insurance. I already have insurance to perform treatments and the public liability insurance. Seeing as I am my business, what would I do financially if I fell seriously ill, had an accident and couldn't work (broken arm...
  13. rachael204

    Time off after Gallbladder op!

    Has anyone had their surgery and a tale to tell or advice please?! I am finally getting my gallbladder out on the 7th June and am wondering how long I should book myself off work for?! They are planning the less invasive camera surgery route so I am hoping it will only be a week or so...
  14. rachael204

    Minx Needed - Hearts A Flyin'

    As the title says I am looking for a set of Minx Hearts A Flyin' Have posted in geekbay too and apologies if this is the wrong place! xx
  15. rachael204

    Opinions on my application for volunteer work please!

    Hi geeks - thanks for taking the time to read this - please let me know if there is anything you would add/remove as I really want to volunteer at my local hospice and need to write and tell them why! My personal reasons for wanting to volunteer at Katharine House Hospice. My name is...
  16. rachael204

    Spray Tan Splatter!

    Hi - am hoping someone can help me!! I have the Tantrick Minimist pro salon that I bought back in 2007. I look after it, strip the gun down after every use, clean it thoroughly etc. BUT I am having a nightmare with it splattering. It doesn't happen every time I use it but enough that I...
  17. rachael204

    Recommendations for a new nail desk

    As it says I am looking for a new nail desk, must be glassed topped and I am getting so confused with all thats on offer! Any of you lovely geeks have a fab desk that you can recommend that I get? My budget isn't huge, only around £200, doesn't have to have a filter xx thanks in advance xx
  18. rachael204

    Refectocil - advice on developing times please!

    Hello lovely geeks! I have ordered some Refectocil and am excitedly awaiting its delivery! I watched a demo on youtube and they said to leave it on eyebrows for 5 minutes. Is this what you experts would recommend? Obviously I will read the instructions when it arrives but I am impatient...
  19. rachael204

    Really need advice - stuck in a long lease!

    I am hoping that someone can help me! Long story short - I have 7 years left on a 10 year lease. I am seriously struggling, cannot afford the weekly rent let alone all the salon bills and products etc. Things were ok until the hairdresser I sublet to left with no warning and I have not been...
  20. rachael204

    Selling my salon equipment

    Hi all I know we can't sell stuff on here - but where can I sell my Shellac lamp, salon rack and colours etc? Am closing my salon (unfortunately) and need to get rid of my equipment, I obviously don't want to sell it on ebay to a non professional so what do I do? Any advice would be...