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    Starting up, mobile advice please

    Thanks so much Jemma. I'll try that x
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    Starting up, mobile advice please

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    Self employed nail tech putting her own 'stamp' in the salon

    I know..hopefully you can come to an agreement :) x
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    Self employed nail tech putting her own 'stamp' in the salon

    I was in the nail tech's position once upon a time. I had to ask permission for everything, I wanted to display an enlarged professionally printed price list in the window, as my treatments were being interrupted with potential clients coming in to ask for prices. I was told I couldn't do that...
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    How do we stay safe?

    I too didn't offer male appointments. I would only treat males who were connected with a current female client of mine. For example, their husband, brother, son etc. I have cancelled appointments I didn't feel quite right about, I also have left appointments I didn't feel comfortable in, and...
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    Starting up, mobile advice please

    Hello everyone, I haven't posted here in a long time as I closed my beauty business in 2014 to move to London! Three years on and I miss the beauty world, I miss my passion and I miss the flexibility and rewards from being self employed. I am planning on dropping my current job to 3/4 days per...
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    Extremely hard skin

    Hi guys, I have a client that has very hard skin on the pads of her feet and heels. Pumice, rasps, dremmel, scrubs and callous remover doesn't help, and her hard skin just stays the same. I'm not trained with a pedi knife and I realise this is a chiropodist job to use a knife . I'm just...
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    Waxing nightmare

    Thanks for your replies, means a lot! When I look back on the situation, she seemed overly fussy if i'm honest. First, the bed wasn't right, then the wax was the wrong colour, then the wax was too hot (it wasn't, i tested it), then I let it cool even further and of course it wouldn't apply as it...
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    Waxing nightmare

    Hi geeks, I have been a therapist for six years and I am trained in intimate waxing with ABC. I work as a therapist in a local salon and today was just awful. I had a lady in for a brazillian wax, I use strip wax to do a basic bikini line wax, then hot wax as I move further in. My client...
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    A little bit stressed

    She paid the therapist a week in lieu and told her not to come back (this is within my contract that she can do this.) I am in a 3 month trial which is valid for another month. I can walk away within a weeks notice, however I have to pay all training costs back if I do and so far I have...
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    A little bit stressed

    Hi geeks, not been on here in a long time! I used to be self employed but recently ceased business and got a job within a salon as BT. I just feel more stressed and awkward now than when I was the boss! And that was partly why I ceased business, to ease the stress. I am sole BT at the salon...
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    Not making a living

    Thankyou for all of the reassuring posts. I know it's not just me struggling, it is such a hard time. I am looking for a part time job to do alongside at the moment. Then at least I know my bills can be almost paid with that. I hope everyone else picks up soon too xx
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    Waxing and client discomfort

    Definitely. I have some clients who sit through a full leg and brazillian wax like they're having a facial and others that swear, hide behind their towel and hold their breath! I sometimes feel really bad when the reaction is extreme but I try to talk and distract them from the job in hand and...
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    Not making a living

    Hi Geeks, haven't posted on here in months but I really need some advice. I have been self employed for five years as a beauty therapist and nail technician. I moved into a new upstairs salon 12 months ago and the months of April to August were brilliant this year. However September hit and...
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    Worst treatments you have had as a client?

    I have a few. When I was 13, I went for my first ever eyebrow wax. I was taken upstairs and told to lie down on the bed, no consultation. She didn't explain any of the treatment then just proceeded and I felt like my eye had been torn off. (I had very thick curly eyebrows) I had tears in...
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    Spots/lumps on bikini area

    Hi geeks I am qualified in waxing but don't do my own bikini waxing as I don't get the best finish due to not being able to see/stretch etc so I go to another salon to have it done. I have been to two different therapists who both use sensitive warm wax. I have everything removed except for...
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    Would you or can I employ someone for just 1 day?

    Hi, as a previous poster said it would depend on chemicals in the hot tub I suppose. Re spray tans, if a client gets in the hot tub before a soray tan, chemicals will be on the skin and showering afterwards is not advised as DHA takes better to skin that has not just been washed. I always...
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    The heat & spots

    Hi, I have combi skin with an oily chin and nose and dry cheeks and forehead. Since all of this glorious weather I have a section of spots and pimples on the left side of my chin and left jaw line. I'm not one for breakouts and very rarely get them. I've never experienced this before so just...
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    No probs :) x

    No probs :) x
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    Totally unacceptable

    Thankyou for all of your replies especially for the link from Lynne :) xx