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  1. Silk Hair

    Very dark brown to red without bleach?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me by advising how I can achieve going from very dark brown (base 4) to a red colour without using bleach. I was thinking maybe L'Oreal Hi - Lights in magenta but I don't want it to be to brighter red, more like a dull slightly washed out looking red and...
  2. Silk Hair

    Feedback on Wella Illumia colour

    I have not yet tried wells illumia colour and was wondering what people thought of it that have used it on there clients. I'm a little dubious.
  3. Silk Hair

    Good place to advertise hair extensions to gain some potential clientele?

    Iv been advertising on gumtree to increase my clientele as iv just got back into doing hair extensions after having two years away from it. I had a good response leading upto the Christmas period but now I'm not really getting any other responses. Where can I advertise or how can I advertise to...
  4. Silk Hair

    Looking for a good mini locks course at a reasonable price!

    Is anyone able to give me some advice on mini locks please? Just want some information on the type of hair you would use the method on and whereabouts I can learn the course at a reasonable price!! Any advice would be much appreciated.