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  1. jenny

    Spanish Geeks

    Hi spain, you lucky lot, just sad i'm not with you:cry: I was wondering if any of you could help on this question I am looking for..sold in Spain in was told disposable razor with a safety guard on the blade? any suggestions jenx
  2. jenny


    Hiya Geeks Sorry this is not related to our world of skin, hair and nails Have any of you geeks brought a holiday home/property in the USA Hubby and I are looking for a holiday home in luvly warm Nevada (Las Vegas) do you have any points to look out for when deciding on property...
  3. jenny


    Hiya Have any of you geeks had LHE training(light Heat Energy) hair Reduction/Skin Rejuvenation/Live Acne/Psoriasis Its like IPl(intense pulse light) but its Light and Heat combination If so what are your feelings towards these treatments..what results have you had Jenx
  4. jenny

    IPL Treatments and Equipment

    Hiya Skin Geeks I have only been involved in IPL(intense Pulse Light) Hair Reduction and Photo Rejuvenation for a few months.(i work a profit share) I am building up quite a clinic I work at 11 dentist(owned by the same guy) If any of you skin geeks do these treatments could advise...
  5. jenny

    Turned Out Nice

    :irked: turned out nice again Hiya Geeks just thought i would share my pants day had a real bad day today got wet three times b4 arrive at work had to get a taxi today..dont ask:cry: had to carry some equipment...sooo trying to load the boot of the taxi in pooring rain while the taxi...
  6. jenny

    Big Link Up

    Hiya Geeks How many of you link up to other websites what web site are you linked with? Do webs work better when linked to others? jenx Advanced Beauty Clinic - Warwickshire
  7. jenny

    Olympia Sept 2007

    Hi Geeks I'm off to London Olympia for the first time this sept what part of London is London Olympia? what it the nearest train station...(not underground) I would like some travel advise please:green: I live near Birmingham international Airport and NEC Arena any suggestions on...
  8. jenny

    40 at MIDNIGHT

    Hiya Geeks All my fellow house mates, Hubby & temp Lodger Big Brother have gone to bed. I thought i would stay up late and do my nails I have done them in silver foils an sparkle silver acrylic...quite longish, i can do a little longer on nails as nail bed is quite a good size & shape...
  9. jenny

    Salon Standards

    Hi Geeks WHAT SALON HYGIENE STANDARS ARE IMPLACE AT YOUR RANCH? I'm a real sucker for this subject Since training in the more invasive beauty treatments, i have become over the top. What standars are in your salon Hygiene etc Be honest guys(what do you do and what don't you do)...
  10. jenny

    Talented Geeks

    Hi Geeks Just wondering what kind of talent we have on this site Some feed back requested from all funny or clever We can have a vote and see who we think is the geek with all the brains What training work related industry have you had(b4/after beauty)) what musical instruments do...
  11. jenny


    HIYA I'm over the MOOOOOON I have trained in PMU (permanent makeup) as you are all aware. I have been offered a fab position working as a self employed member of the Harley Street Team I will be given contracts at various locations working under my training academys name and famous...
  12. jenny

    Jan Marini

    Hiya Geeks A lady called today to make an enq about ipl pulse light(lady has a small pigmentation on her forehead caused by pregnancy) She is using Jan Marini face cream with Glycolic..Prescription from her GP couple of questions... Is Jan Marini only supplied by GP in the UK? If...
  13. jenny

    Tan Remover

    Hiya I had a busy day tanning the other day stupid me wore flip flop style leather shoes The next day my feet were a terrible colour:cry:(hubby said i looked like i still had my shoes on) I had to wear closed shoes all day..i was going out on the eve and was worried what i could do...
  14. jenny

    Any Mobile Techs

    Hiya Do any of you techs work or do mobile in or near coleshill(birmingham)? Jenx
  15. jenny

    Ipl Client

    Hi Guys One of my best friends want's IPL on her tummy Can you help? She's in Surrey near Guilford..she is willing to travel a little way out Jenx
  16. jenny

    Nec Nails

    HIYA Creative stand NEC 2007 What was the white sparkle tips(worn by Creatice demo tech at NEC 2007) they aere almond shape with white glitter tips? Jenx Advanced Beauty Clinic - Warwickshire
  17. jenny

    Creative Info

    Hi Geeks Creative basic L&P foundation course How much and how long is it? Its not for me, its for a friend I'm guess it may of changed since i did mine 2001 Many Thanks Jenx
  18. jenny


    Hiya Geeks I'm doing IPL Laser training soooon Any advise welcome Is it hard to take in Also the health care commision...any advise welcome Jenx
  19. jenny

    Ikea Wow

    Hi Geeks Just thought i would share my new purchase with you 2x tables with seperate legs VIKA CURRY LEGS(silver)£1.75 each VIKA AMON TABLE TOP(white) £7.99 each 2x Chairs JULES SEAT SHEL(white) £13.00 each JULES CHAIR FRAME(silver) £9.90 each 2X lockable storage trolly on wheels...
  20. jenny

    Disapointed NEC

    Hi Guys Did any of you attend the NEC over the last wkend If so how did you find it I went on Monday i had no choice I was very disapointed in the volume of stock that Creative had on their stand I went with a list, came home with nothing on it:irked: I was armed with £1,000 I...