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    Lash adhesive

    Hi Everyone! I just wondered if anyone has tried or uses the lash adhesive from Secret Lashes, is it any good? Im looking for a good adhesive that's not to expensive. xx:)
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    Monday Promotions...

    I am trying to think of ways to gain more clients on a Monday. I just wondered what promotions all you geeks are currently running and if these are having an impact on your business. I would be very grateful for all of your ideas. :)
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    Hey Geeks Well I have at last made up my mind taht I am going to use Tantricks but im still unsure what machine to get!! mmmm...... Should I get the Minimist T200, TanPro850 or the MaxiMist HV5008? Quite like the look of the TanPro, just wondered what everyones thoughts were on this machine...
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    Minx in Bedfordshire

    Hey Guys I am thinking about adding Minx to the treatments I offer but would really like to get them done myself first. I have had a look on the web for places around Beds that offer them and I just cant find any! Just wondered if anyone knows of anywhere? Thanks Leah x:)
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    Start up spray tan kit deals...

    Hey everyone, I want to start mobile spay tanning and just wondered if anyone knew of any special offers on start up kits at the mo. Id be extremely grateful for any comments. Thanks Leah x x :)
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    Just Starting Out

    Hey Guys, I know people probably ask these questions hundreds of times, if so then im sorry! I am a fully trained beauty therapist but at present work as cabin crew and I also lecturer beauty 1 day a week in a college. Although I work full time, I seem to be home loads! So I have decided to...
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    Spray tan machines

    Hey guys I'm new to salon geek and just wanted some advice on good spray tan machines. Ive not worked in a salon for a few years now, and am a bit out of touch with what are good machines and good solutions to use. I trained with su-do tan, but I know there are much better products out there...