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  1. Jades Nails

    Gel extensions

    I trained in gel extensions (tips applied then 3 layers of hard gel) 2 years back and haven’t done them out of college but I’m wanting to offer them but unsure as to how much I should charge. The salon I work in charge £15 gel polish £27 acrylics. Any ideas of how much I should be Charging once...
  2. Jades Nails

    How long did it take to build a good client base

    Wondering how long it took to find and keep enough clients to have s successful business / income.
  3. Jades Nails

    Worst nail clients

    Hi ladies, just want to know about your worst nail clients and how you deal/ dealt with them. were they rude, or complained. And some of your biggest pet peeves ( mine is when they use there phone during a treatment or book in for a gel polish without letting me know they also need a gel...
  4. Jades Nails

    Brunette with blonde highlights

    Hi I trained in beauty therapy level 2 and 3 and currently work as a nail tech ( as my user name might give away aha). So I know nothing about hairdressing. Im looking to get my hair done ( I’ve never had my hair done apart from the usual trim wash and blow dry). Im a medium brunette with...
  5. Jades Nails

    Taking non refundable deposits

    I’ve just become self employed, renting a nail table from a salon. Lately the salon including myself have had no shows, some won’t even bother to give a text to let me know they cannot make the appointment. I was talking to the owner and she said she is going to start taking deposits for all...