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    Natural colours Shellac

    Cocoa + Romantique is gorgeous. (not mine)
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    Religion - is yours important? Do you have an opinion?

    I think people should behave pleasently to each other because it is the "right" way to be.... Not because they don't want to burn in hell. Mutual respect is the key. If you wouldn't want it to happen to you, your family or you loved ones... Don't do it to somebody else! Seems simple to me. I...
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    Make up

    I don't like YSL Touché Éclat for under eyes either. If it wasn't a YSL product I would use it (I dislike their ethics) for highlighting only. In my opinion, it's too shimmery for concealing under eyes and blemishes.
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    Favourite Christmas Shellac combos

    I'm mainly doing reds (Hollywood, Wildfire, Red Baroness, Decadence etc) with either Tinsel Toast or Gold VIP over the top! I've had a few clients who have decided on Midnight Swim with a silver glitter fade on the ring finger as their Christmas nails, after seeing it on me!
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    Other half 'cheats' at my Xmas party, with my workmates

    Sounds like a loser to me, avoid!
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    Legal requirements for sterilization in beauty salons

    Sure, but I was just helping to keep the information on this forum complete & accurate :)
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    Solar Oil

    You can get a list from the My Account screen on S2. Under Billing > Print a Price list x
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    Shellac: Why isn't it a gel polish?

    You have misunderstood. She said it was like a nail polish but with more lasting power... i.e more lasting power than a normal nail polish. She didn't mention it in comparison with a gel polish.
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    Allergy testing for Shellac

    You may find this interesting: Personally, I'd do a test nail and leave it 72hrs. Make sure to note on your consultation card that she's allergic to something in nail polish and that you have done a test nail. Get her to sign it. :)
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    How would you normally reply?

    I usually say, "While the products and equipment were a large investment on my part, the cost is largely irrelevant. Clients pay for my time, my training, my experience, my expertise... Not the product."
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    Legal requirements for sterilization in beauty salons

    Sorry marketing-geek, but that is incorrect. There are many ways to sterilise, although the use of an autoclave is one of the most common.
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    Solar Oil

    Not sure I follow... To avoid contact with the client's skin and/or nail, I take the brush straight out. There will be a little bulb of oil and simply touch the bulb to the nail, without touching the brush to the nail.
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    Legal requirements for sterilization in beauty salons

    Think about how much sterilisation goes on in hospitals, and a few grand is hardly a lot of money for a hospital anyway. Think about how much liquid they would go through in a year! It would cost far more to keep buying a product like Milton...
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    What is it called?

    Break even?
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    Animals and antifreeze

    It might be easier if you make a salt solution in a big jug with warmish water, stirring until it is completely dissolved... and then add that to the fountains xx
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    Animals and antifreeze

    NaCl is an ionic compound (Na+Cl-) so it dissolves in strongly polar solvents, such as water. I believe the saturation point is something like 35.5g / 100ml at 25degrees C... It should work down to about -10 degrees C. The extra salt shouldn't encourage any algae growth, in comparison to...
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    Animals and antifreeze

    Good old NaCl... Table salt!
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    College vs intensive courses?

    This debate has happened many times before. I agree that 1-2 day intensive courses are most certainly not the way to go. I'd also like to say that some college courses are rubbish too. In my local college they use a 180 on the natural nail (to shape and to 'remove the shine' before...
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    Gold glitter

    I'm using Sugared Spice or Clearly Pink depending on the effect the client wants. I LOVE a gold rockstar over a red though, absolutely gorgeous!
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    Party/Weekend Nails-best way to do them?

    As far as I'm aware this is the procedure. Cuticle work, shape the natural nail to fit the stop point. Apply & thoroughly blend tips (natural tips look best IMO) Cleanse/Dehydrate the natural nail only (the tip adhesive works better if there is a small amount of moisture) Polish. Personally...