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  1. sophieg

    Mobile spray tan equipment advice?

    Hi, Can any mobile spray tan therapists tell me what they use to transport all the kit i.e. lotions, sticky feet etc.. I have a seperate spray tan unit so just need some kind of bag or case for everything else. Thanks!! xx
  2. sophieg

    OPI Gelcolor French nightmare!

    Hi! I've been offering OPI Gelcolor since it launched this year and it's been a great success except when I do a French. I keep getting clients telling me they've started to peel after a couple of days but I've followed all the advice from Lena White about creating a well for the white to go...
  3. sophieg

    Sallys stocking OPI GelColor?

    Hiya, Does anyone know if Sallys stock OPI Gelcolor? I saw it on someone's thread but they don't sell it in my local Sallys....anyone got any more insight? Thank you xx :?: