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  1. girlie

    Insurance costs

    I am self employed doing nails and some beauty and work from my external home salon. I have been insured with abt (full coverage) for around 5yrs and my renewal has just through for £73 and I'm wondering price wise how it compares to other insurers? Many thanks xx
  2. girlie

    Cancelled treatments/appointments

    Hi Geeks, So today I had client in who booked for her nails and facials for her and her mum...value of booked treatments would be £79. Two days before appointment I text client an appointment reminder to which she replied "great we are looking forward to coming!" This morning client arrived...
  3. girlie

    Onycholysis and pseudomonas

    Hi Geeks, So one of my clients with long natural nails who has gel polish, recently stubbed a nail middle finger) this has caused Onycholysis down the sidewall and partly around cuticle area,it has also grown bacteria and is sore and a little hot...I have gently removed all product and length...
  4. girlie

    Lash lift help please!

    Hello, I've got a client who I eventually talked into removing her badly applied lash extensions (done elsewhere) and she is now having me do her regular lash lifts. She has fairly short and sparse lashes,which are starting to improve,she is preferring a lash lift but has mentioned she'd prefer...
  5. girlie

    What to say?

    Hi all,wonder if you might be able to help me with something?? I have been a mobile nail tech the last few years,but will be opening my home salon (garage conversion) in September and working school hours.Due to this I will be losing a few clients who are unable to come to me. Anyhow,a few...
  6. girlie

    What to charge? Advice please!

    Hello, I currently charge from £20 for Gellux on natural nails & £25 for a full set of nsi acrylics.I have a Gellux client,who has broken two of her natural nails and wants me to apply acrylic to those two to give her an even length set for a wedding she is attending...what extra do you think I...
  7. girlie

    Acrylic yellowing

    Hi all,I qualified in acrylics around 6yrs ago,but only really did a few sets of acrylics here and there after,before giving up work to start a family.Last year I returned to nails part time around family commitments and have solely been offering the Gellux service,which has been very successful...
  8. girlie

    Shampoo for greasy hair?

    Hello,I've just popped over from the nails forums to pick your brains if I may....?? I have dark brown,bobbed, virgin hair and was wondering if somebody might recommend a good shampoo I could pick up when I pop to Capital next.My hair gets very greasy.It is lovely and silky after washing,but by...
  9. girlie

    Shampoo for greasy hair...

  10. girlie

    Stamping polishes?

    Sent from my Hudl HT7S3 using SalonGeek mobile app Hi...have dug out my Konad kit today and had a play over UV gel (under top coat)....just wondering if anyone uses anything different to Konad and also whether other polishes or acrylic paints can be used? Thank you xx
  11. girlie

    Gellux repair?

    Hello fellow Geeks... Wonder if anyone can help me out please.I have been doing Gellux for a few weeks now & have been getting on great with it,having lots of re-book & word of mouth booking etc.However I have one lady (my slimming world consultant) who has managed to split her natural nail...
  12. girlie

    Bad wax...what to do???

    Calling on you waxing geeks for advice sister went to have her under arms waxed today by another therapist as her regular was away,well what a mess! red patches and lots of hair left not removed,she is going on holiday saturday and doesn't want to look like chewbacca,can she re wax...
  13. girlie

    Whats your title???

    I started out with doing nails and so therefore regarded myself as a nail technician,but now i've added tanning and lashes and hopefully soon waxing what would you now say my title should be,I sometimes tell people i'm a beauty therapist,but feel kinda fake as i'm not really am I! What would you...
  14. girlie


    Just wondering if any geeks going to Londons Excel next weekend??? If so what bargins are you hoping to bag?? xx
  15. girlie

    Foundation brush application

    Read on here a while ago that a few of you rated the Body Shops foundation brush as pretty good,so invested in one a few days ago.I usually use a sponge.I tried my new brush today by putting a small amount of my liquid foundation on the back of my hand and then dipping brush into it and then...
  16. girlie

    Beauty couches

    Hello!!! Been looking into buying a beauty couch suitable for mobile seen a couple on ebay which look great,but obviously need to consider the weight,is 15kgs too heavy for mobile i know you can get them lighter,but funds are limited!! thanks xxx
  17. girlie

    Did Marvel Lash course today!!!

    I did my Marvel Lash course today at the Capital branch in Bournemouth.The trainer was fantastic,and the class was friendly.It cost £140 +vat plus you have to buy the student kit for £85+vat.The thoery of the lash extention treatment is very easy to get the hang of but OH MY GOD the application...
  18. girlie

    This will make you laugh!!

    Had a huge clear out yesterday and loaded 5 bin bags of clothes etc in the car for the charity shop,was driving down the road with the window down as it was lovely and sunny,when a bunch of stupid seagulls flying over decided to all have a poo at once!!! It hit the windscreen at first,it was so...
  19. girlie

    Charges for eyelash extentions?

    Hello, I'm doing the "Marvel lash" course on the 8th for eyelash extentions,but was just wondering what sort of prices I should be charging,can't seem to find anybody really local to me offering this treatment other than the odd salon (I'm mobile). The salon down the road from where I...
  20. girlie

    Another spray tan question,sorry!!!

    Went to do a spray tan tonight for a lady in her 60's,whilst there her husband said he'd like to book up oneday,but asked how i'd spray his head......he is bald on top with short white hair around back and sides (kinda like Victor Meldrew,lol) ...I managed to bluff myself out of it ok,but want...