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  1. vicky

    Bikini Gems Where To Buy ?

    Hi All I'v had a look on Smile Gems for Bikini Gems but i'm lookng for more colourful Gems, has anyone got any sites i can look at..? Many Thanks !! :)
  2. vicky

    Creating a Logo

    Hi All I'm trying to make a Logo for my business, does anyone know if there is a site that can make them up or just give idea's..? Many thanks x
  3. vicky

    Welsh Dragon Stickers

    I need some help..! Does anyone know where i can find Welsh Dragon Decals from...I need the asap.....Many thanks
  4. vicky

    Yellow Ring on product

    My niece came in to my shop saturday to ask if i could help her. She thought her brush was contaminated (sp), iv looked at both and they look ok, the dont leave any kinds of stains. If she places a bead on to tissue a yellow ring appears outlining it. My first thought was the tissue..! So tryed...
  5. vicky

    Customer complaint after 4 months

    Its my day off today and my parnter has just phoned me to say a client has just popped in to the shop to say she wants her nails soaking off tomorrow. Whilst saying this she added that she has just come back from Oz where she had a full set done and was told by the tech out there that she had a...
  6. vicky

    tanning advice

  7. vicky

    My nails were on TV last night !

    My client was on "How to look good naked" and so were my nails..!! She was filming for over 8 weeks, she had loads of treatments done and a nice new wardbrobe ..! I thought she looked great !
  8. vicky

    Over-Exposure How bad Can It Get..?

    Hi All I have taken over from a tech in a Beauty Place and one of her clients came in to see if i would look at her nails. Well this poor lady came in with open sores and blisters up too her nuckle and her natural nail looked like it had been deformed. I asked her what had happend and she...
  9. vicky

    Leighton Denny Salon's Do You Know Of One or How It Works?

    Hi All A local Hairdressers in my area as taken on the "Leighton Denny" brand to promot nails i their salon. Am i right in thinking that you have to pay for this pleasure? and is it enhancements that he promots? Maybe one of the geeks have jumped on his band wagon, that can shed some light...
  10. vicky

    Sun Bed Nail Tech's Lifting Problems

    I have a friend that works in a Sun Bed shop and she is having a bad time with lifting. I had her come over to me and we'v gone through prep, ratio amd application, she seemed to be doin everything i do and what we were taught. I had a txt from her and she lost it complietly, so i went there...
  11. vicky

    Child Being Bullied - Anyone Experienced This?

    Hi All Wondered if anyone can help. My youngest is 9 and she is having an awful time at school. 2 girls in her class are making her life hell. This poor girl has gone from an outgoing, bubble girl into a shy wallflower with all her confidence gone. Its killing my to see it and don't no what to...
  12. vicky

    Weight loss since lap band

    As some of you may remember i had a Lap Band back in June and things were'nt going that great. Well just wonted to share my news with some of you that gave me some very much needed support at the time. At the start of all this i was 133 kilo's and i weighed in today at 108, im over the...
  13. vicky

    Terrible News - Makes You Think..!

    Hi All I had some terrible news yesterday. A friend of mine and my hubbie had killed himself. This man was 35 yrs old, had lovely kids and from the outside world had everything to live for. I can't believe it..! I keep sitting here shaking my head wondering WHY..!! I guess its made me look...
  14. vicky

    GLUE...! Help needed

    Hi all My kids have managed to spill a bottle of glue all over my table and floor, is there anything that will remove this? Many thanks
  15. vicky

    Good Pedicure Chair Needed

    Hi I'm looking for a good Pedicure chair that supports the clients leg, has anyone brought one or know of anywhere..? Many thanks Vicky xx
  16. vicky

    OMG...LIVE Vasectomy on This Morning

    I can't believe they are going to do a LIVE vasectomy on TV....!! Bout bloody time the men got there fare Let me know what youthink if you watch it !! :lick:
  17. vicky

    She's making me crazy !!

    I know i'v been going on abit this week but with all that has happend i'm at my wits end. My daughtedr is 11 and i think i'm going kill her..! This girl only has to look at me the wrong way and it makes my blood boil.:evil: She talks to me and her dad like crap and is only nice when she wants...
  18. vicky

    More bad news..!!

    Hi everyone I had a phone call today whilst working. My mother-in-law has been rushed to hospital. Unlike most mother-in-laws mine is great, we have had are moments but she is like a Mother to me. I have just come back from the hospital now to get her a few thing as she has to stay, i dont...
  19. vicky

    First day back at work..thank god

    I'v just finished my first client after being away from work for 10 weeks. I'm only aloud to work part time at moment so i'v only got 2 to 3 clients a day for now. I can't believe the gossip i'v missed..! So good to be back !! I love my job :D
  20. vicky

    David Dickenson Program Last Sunday

    Hi everyone, iv been on my hols for a week which was much needed but i have a really lame question..!! I started to watch a program with David Dickinson every sunday but i missed the last one. Can anyone tell me what happend? Did they make money or if not how much did he loose? Thanks Vicky xx