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  1. Gaby

    Natural nails

    Hi! I'm a fan of Nail Art. I don't do it for living; I just paint my nails and my sister's :wink2: . I've learned a lot since I joined this group, and I would love to learn more about natural nails care. I know the basics, of course, but there are always "little secrets" or tips that really make...
  2. Gaby

    Question about Opi product

    Hi again! Well, here goes the first silly question :o) (Remember: I'm not a technician... just a nail junkie!) I paint on my natural nails (Knocking on wood.. they are good for that). I've recently seen in OPI site a product that looks like a common polish, but it's actually a gel (or something...
  3. Gaby

    Just saying hi

    Hi all, and nice to meet you! I'm Gaby, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I want to introduce myself. I really admire what you all do, and your tips and advices are really great! I'm not a pro, but I love to do Nail Art. Have a great Sunday!