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    Imported Photos

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  2. Ruth MiYoshi

    Custom Blended Nail

    No improvement needed here! Greetz!
  3. Ruth MiYoshi

    How often do you do your own nails?

    Hi, I wish I could do my nails more often but I'm to busy.... I have to write down my own name in my agenda to make some place for myself. I try to do them every 3 weeks and usually i'll start around midnight (that's my ownly free time :rolleyes: ). It happens more often that I can do my...
  4. Ruth MiYoshi

    Hello There!

    Thanks everybody! I feel right at home here!
  5. Ruth MiYoshi

    Hello There!

    Hi, My name is Ruth from Belgium (Europe). I'm new here and just wanted to say 'hello' to everybody! Greetz!!!!! :wink2: