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    Basic artificial nail course requirements

    there was 6 in my class, just enough in my newbie oppinion. our tutor did spend a bit of time with us individually, which would have may not have been possible if there was anymore of us. Because of the time spent, i felt i learnt alot. Also we dont all run into the same problems, so each...
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    Hey all ezflow 508 brush users......

    hi, give it some monomer and roll it back into shape, to a point... usually does the trick :biggrin:
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    Red10 Monday Morning Open Surgery

    Red10 in Doncaster, 2 Heather Court DN2 5YL. Pop it in your satnav and it shall lead you to top tips and a mean chocolate cake!
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    Red10 Monday Morning Open Surgery

    I am a make-up artist which has recently found a new love in nails. I went along to Red 10 on Monday morning for their Open Surgery. It was a fab morning, the tricks and tips we were given were invaluable (stuff you'd expect on a course) and to top it off... IT'S FREE! I think Jo is planning on...