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  2. vicky

    WII's in stock be quick

    there sold out !:cry:
  3. vicky

    do you believe in mediums -psychics??

    Self gain thats why, wouldnt it be nice if we could tho !! x
  4. vicky

    Bikini Gems Where To Buy ?

    Hi All I'v had a look on Smile Gems for Bikini Gems but i'm lookng for more colourful Gems, has anyone got any sites i can look at..? Many Thanks !! :)
  5. vicky

    Happy birthday Seanny

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Seanny ..!
  6. vicky

    polycystic ovaries

    I think being told you might not beable to have children is the hardest thing in the world to hear. As children we are programmed to think the we will have babies. Most of us were brought up with playing with dolls, playing mummies and daddies and so on. Its heart breaking to think that anyone...
  7. vicky

    polycystic ovaries

    I have it too. I found out when i was 18, we were told we would never have children as my levels were very low and my hubbies sperm count was rubbish, 4 weeks after being told this i found out i was 4 months preg but i lost him 2 days later...i was on clymed (sp) for 2 years went in for a lap...
  8. vicky

    does any1 know whats going on!?

    There is a thread from CND that will explain everything..x
  9. vicky

    Hell's Kitchen

    I read his book at christmas, its a really good read. After reading the book you can fully understand why Gordon is like he is..! That man has had to fight all his life. You defently look at him in a different light after reading it....And he's soooooo sexy ! :Grope:
  10. vicky

    Does anyone rent rooms from fitness first urgent help

    Have you gone to head office because of this..?
  11. vicky

    *The Official Big Brother 8 Thread*

    I'v changed me mind sooo much on who i want to win...Well i think i want Liam to win. I did say Brian BUT he's creeping me out alil bit, he keeps on to amanda about their relationship, how many time does she need to tell him. As for Carol, i had to laugh when she went right into one about...
  12. vicky

    How did you meet your Husband/Wife/Partner

    Very much the same, i was 15 and i met hubbie at the pub....yes i know i shouldnt have been there but i have always been tall for my he was just 18, we did go to the same school....he went out with my best friend and i hated him That was 20 years ago.....:eek: who says young...
  13. vicky

    party instead of olympia?!

    Thats a great idea Liza, I will have a chat with the girls and see if we can pop up..! I was there the day the shop opened so it would be great to see how far you and the girls have come...!! :hug:
  14. vicky

    Hyperion - is it closed?

    I think Kim Was just stating her opinion too :)
  15. vicky

    Stock needed

    Great thread..!! I have large intense pink and could fill some 8oz pots of perfect pink. I hope this can help someone !! :)
  16. vicky

    Do you respect your partners privacy ?

    How do you know that he has'nt looked at your phone...just a thought..! xx
  17. vicky

    Creating a Logo

    Thanks for the help everyone..! watch this space.....:)
  18. vicky

    Creating a Logo

    Hi All I'm trying to make a Logo for my business, does anyone know if there is a site that can make them up or just give idea's..? Many thanks x
  19. vicky

    Is anyone going to Olympia in September??

    Iv just booked my ticket, can someone tell me if i can use my ticket for both days? many thanks xx