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    sunbronze tan solution?

    hi all i have been looking at sunbronze tan solution and was wondering if any of you try it? and if any of have have opinions on the product? thanks maz x
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    la disco going orange?

    hi all i spray ed some1 with a la disco who already had a tan but wanted to be darker.... i just asked how it went n she said she was orange! how on eather has this happened? just been talkin a lil bit more n she has said her body was a nnice colour but her hands n feet were bad orange...
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    people unable to tan with spray tan solution?

    hi all i sprayed a friend on thursday who is naturaly pale and she opted for a 10% tan,the guide colour went on lovly,i stayed untill she was dry n everyware was coverd ect and the next day i got a text saying she was patchy all over! i was horrified!!! i went dowwn to see what the problem was...
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    tan solution that comes out same as guide?

    hi all at the mo i am using la tan and the bronzers are real dark on the 10 n 12% solutions and i was wondering if any one could recomend a solution that comes out very similar to the actual development colour,people seem to be disopointed when they wash the bronzer off n they are lighter but...
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    Back up spray tan machine

    hi all do any of you have a back up machine incase something goes wrong? a group of my friend sgot together for a bit of a spray tan party and asked me to tan them,my gun was sucking up the solution but nothing cuming out and then once i knowkced the machine off its splatted out in large...
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    Chameleon tan solution?

    hi all have any of you heard or use Chameleon spray tan solution? there is a salon in my area using this and was wondering wht its like? maz x
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    LA disco, advice please

    hi all i was wondering if la disco 18% will be ok to apply to some1 without a base tan or pale skin? ive sprayed a few friends with 12% who are naturaly pale and they turned out lovly! would it be ok to go any higher than a 12% on pale skin? i have a friend who wants to be very very dark...
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    Tan booster drops..highest any1 tan can go?

    hi all i have 8,10 and 12% solutions and some tan booster drops,how much stronger could i make the 12%? is it best just to make it to a 14% or could it be made higher? or should i just buy a bottle of 16% and can be made higher? maz x
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    Massage oils? carrier oils ect?

    hi all i am also doing nails at college but learning to do hand and arm masege,our tutor used a sports masage oil that was made up the college i think and smelt lovly! i am wondering if i am better off making my own or buying already mixed? carrier oils? add essientail oils like...
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    Advice on hand and arm masage after another treatment?

    hi all i am training to be a nail tech at college and my friend has asked me to do her nails,we are either going to go for a fibreglass overlay or acrylic depending on the condition of her nails,but i am thinking of doing a hand and arm masage too as i am praticeing doing this... will...
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    Spray tan buddies!

    hi all i have read the post about spray tan buddies and think its a brilliant idea, would any of you be willing to do this as a favour to eachother? if you are interested can you please write you name and locations on a reply to this as see how it goes i also think this will be good to try...
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    Palmers coco butter to maintain spray tan? asap please

    hi all is coco butter suitable to apply to maintain a spray tan? i know all the stuff about e45,dove and baby oil ect thanks miranda
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    Mixing Tantrick solutions?

    hi all i have some small samples of tantrick and was wondering if the can be mixed together? thanks for reading maz xx
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    Tan tent lights?

    hi all do any of you use a tan tent light and are they any good or have you used 1 in the past? thanks maz x
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    Maximist solution usage?

    hi all i am doing a couple of tans per week as pratice for my tan course and its going brilliantly,very happy,just wondering how much solution do u use? i have got it down to just under 60ml so using less as i get more pratice,i feel comfortble with how my gun is set and the speed im working...
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    A person talking orange!

    hi all as some of you know i am trainging at college to be a tan technician and i sprayed a friend of mine last week with a no 8% and the guide colour is dark and lovly after washing off! the girls heating had went off and she couldnt was the bronzer off untill her heating was working again on...
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    Spray tans b4 hols abroad?

    hello all can you please give me some advice as to wether a spray tan in wise to have before a holiday abroad? would the suntan lotion break the spray tan down quicker? and would you catch the sun as you would without a spray tan? and have a tan by the time the tan has faded off? thanks maz x
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    La tan? users?

    hi all i have been looking on the la tan website and thinking of buying some solution,any users please give any advice as to colour,guide,fadeing ect,no orage tones? thanks maz xx
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    Tantrick users advice please!

    hello i have been searching for solution and think ive decided to go with tantrick,where do you order yours from? also are the compatible wit booster drops? whats the diffrence between the normal tantrick and the tandare? whats your review? thanks maz xxx
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    Nails, tanning + hair?

    hi all i am currently training to be a nail and spray tan technican at college and will be qualified june/july this year, i was thinking of going to college in sept on a part time basis to maybe do hair dressing? do you think its worth adding this? to my nails n tans? i know it takes a couple...