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    I have a client with about 30-50% grey hair. I usually use wella 6/0 and it covers well but with the 4 month lockdown root it has only blended the grey and not really covered it. So the roots look a little lighter than the mids/ends I am thinking to add some tone next time to give full...
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    Blending grey

    So I have a client with 70% grey around her hairline at the front/sides , she hasn’t had her colour done since January so there is a lot of regrowth. We usually do a root colour and foilyage H/L. We are now thinking of taking the bleach h/l right to the root so that there isn’t such a contrast...
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    Incompatibility test

    If someone’s hair test positive for metallic salts after doing the incompatibility test what do people advise clients to do? I would say clarifying shampoo and use colour with no ammonia e.g. colour touch? Then re test 2 weeks later?
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    Incompatibility testing

    Forward planning for any hair disasters that may be coming my way! I have quite a large clientele base so haven’t had to take on many new clients and therefore haven’t incompatibility tested for a while. I know some of my clients will of ‘attempted’ to colour their own hair during isolation. Do...
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    Grey coverage

    Hi This is my new client. I use Wella. She has previously had half a head of highlights and lowlights but now wants the underneath colouring which is fine. My plan is to bleach H/L and L\L the underneath with 7/07 and a little 6/0. Now she is quite grey through the top and especially on her...
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    What are people’s experience with Koleston 10/0 covering 100% grey hair?
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    Wella gloss

    Can someone give me a little more info on colour touch gloss 0/00. If I wanted to add it to a colour touch tint to purely add a bit more shine do I have to alter the shade I am picking? For example, if I want a level 6 will I need to do a level 5 if mixing with the gloss as it will lessen the...
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    Colour Touch help

    Hi all Any advice through experience on a nice warm lowlight for a natural base 7. She has blonde mid lengths (level 9-10 in some places) and ends and wants lowlights to break it up a little. I was thinking colour touch 7/03 or 7/73? What are your thoughts. Thanks in advance!
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    Grey blending

    I have a new client with a level 6 base. She has previously had highlights and she is wanting to gradually lighten her hair to blend with the grey she has here and there. She does however have a really white streak on her hairline. I plan to bleach h/l throughout however when it comes to the...
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    High lift

    I have a client with previously bleached h/l which is a lovely ash colour and it holds the colour really well. She is naturally a base 8 and I was thinking of switching to high lift tint. Do you think 12/89 would lift as well or shall I stick to the bleach? Also If I use wella 12/89 for the...
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    Salt and pepper

    Hi salon geeks I have a client with a mix of dark (level 6) and the crown area/down to the nape is a mix of level 6 and white (grey). Of course she wants highlights! Now am I right in thinking if I lift (h/l) the dark up with bleach and 20 vol and h/l the grey/white areas with a level 10 and 20...
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    Wella grey help

    I’m guessing the lighter you lift the base up the lighter grey you get? I have a lady with base 5-6 so if I left it up so say 7-8 this would still work would it?
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    Silver grey

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a silver grey toner in wella please? Also a caramel. Completely opposite I know but just wanted to know what people have used through experience to get these colours. TIA
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    Ash toner

    Looking for a very ash/white toner in wella. Colour touch have an 8/81 which looks perfect but possibly too dark? If I use 10/1 and 0/88 in Koleston with the pastel toner will this give the same tone? Thanks :)
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    Wella toner

    Looking for a wella toner for a client with colour build up. She’s a base 6 but has coloured multiple times with permanent and it throws off a lot of warmth. She wants a lighter Balayage but understands it’s going to take time to cut through the colour, without damaging her hair! Does anyone...
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    Wella Koleston

    Hiya I am a mobile Hairdresser and would like a little advice on wella Koleston. I have a client with a base level 5 and she has recently had 5/77 on her hair. She has now decided she wants a light ash brown. I’ve explained I cannot lighten her hair massively using tint alone but wondered if I...
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    Wella Koleston

    I have a client with a natural base 3 wanting to go slightly lighter and add some tone. She likes wella koleston 5/75 but because she has white hair through the t section I am worried it won't cover. I have advised that I add a bit of 5/0 to 5/75 with 6% to ensure the white covers but have said...