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  1. Rinn

    Which rainbow chrome

    What company do you deal with ? I would go with them , they will have all the answers to getting the best results with their products . Personally I'm a Lecenté/CND fan .
  2. Rinn

    How to strengthen nails after gel?

    Another vote for CND RescueRxx's like an intensive repair treatment for damaged nails so it won't add instant strength but it will repair/ recondition your nails . Apply as Mrs.Bod describes .
  3. Rinn

    New CND Shellac colours

    Was it art vandal you were asking about ?
  4. Rinn

    New CND Shellac colours

    Mine haven't arrived yet . I'm excited to get them as usual . I'm delighted there's more pinks and the new spring collection to follow looks fantastic
  5. Rinn

    Roomie for The Event

    Bump ...hope you get sorted Nickie
  6. Rinn

    How to apply Swarovski crystals/gems to CND Shellac nails?

    Finish your service fully with top coat , then add your dab of BLSM , press in the gem, cure and wipe the nail
  7. Rinn

    CND Shellac & Additives problem

    could you be using too much additive. You only need the tiniest amount ..
  8. Rinn

    How to apply Swarovski crystals/gems to CND Shellac nails?

    IMO Brisa Lite Smoothing gel is the best product to use to secure Swarovskis. finish your service as normal, add a dab of the gel when you want to place your gems, embed the gems, cure and wipe with IPA . It is da bomb!
  9. Rinn

    I should have lit the fire ! Freezing !!

    I should have lit the fire ! Freezing !!
  10. Rinn

    How to "App" in new site

    Some amount of work went into this Samuel. Looks fantastic . Congrats and Thanks !! Much appreciated
  11. Rinn

    Rescue RXx

    RescueRXx contains conditioning oils but also keratin protein ..which is what is different and what is repairing damaged nails . If you use RescueRXx over CND shellac for instance you will ...yes...get penetration of some of the ingredients ..namely the oils but the repairing keratin proteins...
  12. Rinn

    Salmon Run & Fragrant Freesia disappointing to use

    Maybe try a layer of cream puff underneath and see if that helps .
  13. Rinn

    No Christmas bonus?

    Talk to your employer..There's no point feeling aggrieved but saying nothing..Iron things out with her and if and when you are asked to do something extra outside of your paid working hours ...straighten it out before you do it
  14. Rinn

    Dip dye nails in Shellac-anyone do this?

    Oops blossom wrong thread. 😁
  15. Rinn

    Benefit fraud

    Love many , trust few. Always paddle your own canoe. I take that to mean ...mind your own business and do your own thing....sounds good to me.
  16. Rinn

    Gel overlay problem

    i think we all sub conscientiously have a monkey on our back... realistically it shouldn't matter but for some reason it does...what works for me is instead of applying a tip , I sculpt on a clear extension, file and shape it and then carry on with my white and pink application..... this...
  17. Rinn

    What do you talk about during treatments?

    I just open my gob and yap....I'm Irish , so it comes easy . lol The conversation usually starts with me asking the client...'well, any craic ?' or 'what are you up to today ?' and then off we go chattering... God , what a great job we have, get to sit and yap all day and get paid for it ...
  18. Rinn

    Can you apply gel polish to the skin?

    maybe the OP can clarify if the client has a missing nail due to trauma etc or that there is skin only with no nailbed/plate ..
  19. Rinn

    Can you apply gel polish to the skin?

    it's not ridiculous to ask else would you learn? No you cannot put gel polish , any brand, directly onto skin as you would be over exposing your client to un cured product ....very high risk of then developing a permanent allergy to all acrylate based nail products ... if...