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  1. mandy78

    Waxing during pregnancy

    Hi my neice has asked me to wax her upper legs and also do her a Brazilian. I’m kim lawless trained so wouldnnormally start the Brazilian off on all fours. However, just wondering if It’s safe to have her on all fours or if you think it would be better for me to have her on her back elevated...
  2. mandy78

    Replacement lid for Hive heater

    i have two single Hive heaters and one developed a crack not long after starting to use it. The crack has now become considerably worse and I need a new one. Where would I be able to get a replacement lid from? Thanks
  3. mandy78

    Portable steamer replacement bulb

    hi I have a table top portable facial steamer it has the code F100 on the front of it and I am trying to find a replacement ozone bulb as it has gone out on it. I have contacted various beauty suppliers all of which can not help me as they don't stock bulbs even though they stick the same kind...
  4. mandy78

    Comment by 'mandy78' in media 'image'

    Beautiful, how was this look achieved?
  5. mandy78

    Fake Shellac warning for clients

    So glad I found this posting, as one of my friends is banging on about the chameleon shellac she has just had and how wonderful it looks. I told her they don't do one, or at least I haven't seen it in the CND sight and now this has shed light on it. I will let her know that the reason. Don't...
  6. mandy78

    Shellac fall 2013 swatches

    Wow they are wonderful . Are the Audrey free hand or stickers, they are so lovely xx
  7. mandy78

    Sienna X in M&S!

    Yes, never really did alot of retailing as it was but think i may well give novotan a try as it was nice knowing it was exclusive to professionals. I supoose they have their reasons to do it, times are hard and all that.
  8. mandy78

    Tanning pamper events

    So how will the people get changed in private? are you taking a screen or something for them to change behind? As when i have been to these events there are not normally alot of room between stalls etc. Just wondering as it would be a great earner if you can protect peoples modesty.
  9. mandy78

    Thinking of having my eyebrows tattooed

    They are great, i had mine done about 4 years ago they completely changed my face shape and looked like i had a mini face lift. However, didnt realise at the time that i would be having them done every 6 to 9 months and quite honestly i just dont have the money to keep having them infilled at...
  10. mandy78

    RefectoCil tints

    I use the lightening paste before i do my daughters eyebrows. She has red hair so i lightened them and then put chestnut on. I have tried them with chestnut and not lightened them first but she dosent like it that way as its not so natural ginger looking. Yes and i know from experience never mix...
  11. mandy78

    White spots after spray tan after showering

    It can sometimes be the oily residue of shower gel or shampoo and conditioner they have used in the shower on the morning before they come to see you. This can make white ish marks .
  12. mandy78

    Rubber hose/pickup pipe

    No one? oh well i will just keep on with the old one until something goes wrong and then i guess it will be time to change it over.
  13. mandy78

    Biosun hopi ear candles - where to buy? Any problems since 2010?

    I use to buy mine for here but havent bought any in a long time - - Holistic Health Shop UK never had any problems with their candles and the service is normally very fast.
  14. mandy78

    Tan for ginger/fair haired people. Help please!

    I am Ginger and so is my daughter and i also did a young girl for her 18th the other week who was very white and ginger used Sienna X 8% which is absoultely lovely. I have also used the 10% on me and my daughter and like that as well. Hope that helps
  15. mandy78

    Rubber hose/pickup pipe

    Hi, when i purchased my spray tan machine from Senna X, they gave me a spare rubber hose that picks up the solution from the pot. Anyway I was wondering is there a set time when this hose should be changed? as the one i have in their has been fine so far (touch wood) but i have had it a couple...
  16. mandy78

    HD Brows-need reassurance from those who are HD trained

    Where did you do your training for the HI Brow Jo?
  17. mandy78

    Where can I get a decent headcap/headband?

    Majestic they do disposable or towelling and lovely velvet ones lots of colours too. Hope that helps
  18. mandy78

    May i please be added to the list. Thank you Mandy

    May i please be added to the list. Thank you Mandy
  19. mandy78

    Blue eyebrows

    Oh dear, what I should have done was read the instructions. Never mix chestnut with other colours. Well you learn something everyday:$
  20. mandy78

    Blue eyebrows

    Can't believe it! Daughter just asked me to tint her eyebrows. Because they went too red the last time I did them I decided to do chestnut with the tinest of red added. They came out blue why would that be? I used refectocil colour and just don't understand how the colours can be blue? Any...