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  1. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Fozzyo

    Hope you have a great day :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Lellipop

    Hope you have a good day :):):)
  3. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Emmsybabes

    Have a great day:):):)
  4. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Oey

    Have a great day :):):)
  5. adelekeegan1

    CND 'Company Red' polish

    As CND polish has all been changed I need to find one in the new range that is as close as possible to Company red from the old range..........can anyone help ?
  6. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Jaffacake

    Have a great day :):):)
  7. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Marioned

    Have a great day :):):)
  8. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Nailsinlondon1

    Happy Birthday Ruth, have a great day :):):)
  9. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Louiser

    Have a lovely day :):):)
  10. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Bombini and Chocolate Pickle

    Have a great day girls :):):)
  11. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Joolz

    Have a great day :)
  12. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Min11

    Have a very Happy Birthday Min, I hope that Mr Min and all the little Mins spoil you to bits:):hug::)
  13. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Vetty

    I hope you have a great day xxx :):):)
  14. adelekeegan1

    Brisa gel application

    Many people, when new to Brisa, struggle to know the correct order for each step. I hope that this will help some of you to make the best of all your gels. The Bonder layer This is applied after you have prepped the nail and applied your liquid bond. It can be either the clear or pure pink...
  15. adelekeegan1

    If it isn't broken..................

    .................why fix it ? I was thinking today (whilst doing a client's prep) that I still carry out all procedures as I was taught by my CND trainer. I do it all to the letter and have never deviated at all. From many posts I read on here I notice that many people seem to do in things in...
  16. adelekeegan1

    Why do it on the cheap ?????

    I have read many threads recently about how to make savings in these hard times. There have those that :- Advocate economising on UV lamps Want a cheaper range of products Looking for cheap training etc etc etc We all have a budget, nobody wants to waste money, we all want to earn as much as...
  17. adelekeegan1

    Let's hear it for Geeg

    Gigi is a very good friend of mine, a fabulous nail technician, and a tireless champion for the nail industry. Gigi continuously gives us nail techs wonderful advice, freely and willingly. Over the last few days there has been a marked lack of appreciation and respect for our fellow geek and...
  18. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday Ms.Matrix

    Have a great day :lol::lol::lol:
  19. adelekeegan1

    Feet - now Spring is coming

    This may not be of interest to you if you are booked solid , but I like many other are not, and I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities. I have a client who manicures all year round but only pedis April - October. She was having a manicure this week and commented that she needed to...
  20. adelekeegan1

    Happy Birthday - Retired

    Have a great day :lol: