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    OPI French polish

    Funny you posted this - I’ve had 3 clients request French this week after not doing one for years. I used Bubble Bath and Alpine Snow and the first set I did white then pink (as I would be back in the days of Polish) but the white didn’t look right, so did the second 2 the other way round...
  2. SR84

    Old electrical equipment

    Soz, I hadn’t realised!
  3. SR84

    Advanced facials

    That’s amazing!
  4. SR84

    Old electrical equipment

    Which MD machine is it and how much do you want for it? X
  5. SR84

    Million dollar facial

    A salon near me (Bromley) offers it and it seems popular
  6. SR84

    Gel polish recommendations?

    I have no experience of Halo but I know there are lots of techs on here that think they’re great - fab price point, large range of colours and great longevity! If you’re unsure what brand you’d like to work with once you’re up and running there is no harm in stating out with this range! Good luck x
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    Where do you start?

    Ditto - less intimidating for the client and not as much of a shock to the system when the first spray reaches them!
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    Dull spot on dark shade - can it be repaired?

    Morning Gang! We use OPI GelColor and sometimes the darker shades end up with the odd dull spot - I know it’s likely down to one of the colour coats being applied too thickly (we use the complete system so sure it’s not lamp etc). My question is what do you do when this happens? Do you...
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    Portable light for massage bed?

    Head Magnifying Eyeglasses Magnifier with LED Light for Eyelash Extensions Like this? X
  10. SR84

    Portable light for massage bed?

    Could you wear a headband light?
  11. SR84

    Mobile waxing - no car

    I think you’d struggle without a car as the couch is bulky, and it’s best to have warmed your wax up before the appointment to crack straight on once you’re there. Could you do treatments at home instead?
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    Beauty/eyelash technician shows/events

    Actually this may not be quite right for what you’re after, sorry [emoji53]
  13. SR84

    Beauty/eyelash technician shows/events

    There is a new exhibition starting this July in London, it’s called Salon Life (I’m just a tad excited [emoji38])
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    Training, Kim Lawless or Waxu?

    I adore Kim, her training was great and she is so down to earth, Kim all the way!
  15. SR84

    Waxing equipment recommendations please

    Sometimes it helps to heat it with the lid open in the microwave before putting it in the heater?
  16. SR84

    Laying flat for Hollywood?

    *tight, bit right [emoji23]
  17. SR84

    Laying flat for Hollywood?

    I start with the client on all fours to remove the hair underneath, as this give a lovely, right stretch to the skin. Then on their back with one leg out like frogs legs (or both is v flexible [emoji23]) and work my way in. Hope this helps! X
  18. SR84

    Eyebrow tints

    I’m with you - Refectocil for the win!
  19. SR84

    Taking payments

    No problemo [emoji8]
  20. SR84

    Taking payments

    We use this for our school PTA events, in considering this for work.