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  1. JenBella

    Client traumatic incident/suggestions

    Hi geeks, I was with a long standing client of mine tonight who has went through quite a frightening ordeal. I knew as soon as I pulled into her driveway that something had happened as front porch glass door was all boarded up and there was hack marks in her main hall door. I'm with her...
  2. JenBella

    Gel liner brush?

    Evening all, Any recommendations for a good gel liner brush? I've just done a wedding make up trial and really want and need a great gel liner brush. I've tried the Mac slanted liner brush but while it works perfectly on me I find it a bit harder using it on other people. I think something...
  3. JenBella

    Perron Rigot/spare tins

    So I've decided to add waxing onto my treatments list, I hold an ITEC waxing qualification but just never got going with it. I'm awaiting course dates for a refresher with Perron Rigot but until then I'm about to try out some (very generous) samples they've sent me. Products look lovely, great...
  4. JenBella


    Morning Geeks, Looking at courses for next year and wanting to do threading. Just wondering, for those of you who trained in this technique, how long was your course and how ready did you feel for working on clients after? I know with any new treatment there is a need to practice...
  5. JenBella

    CND Additives Art Class

    I'm just back from a brilliant class with the lovely Karen (aka An*Gel) We were using Shellac and Additives and honestly I'd say if you are thinking about doing this class you most definitely should! The designs we were shown were so simple to do and really give a great wow factor for...
  6. JenBella

    CND Additives Art Class

  7. JenBella

    Days off/Christmas working?

    Hi all, This December marks my first year in business and this December is also seeing lots and lots of bookings which is great. I'm a bit unsure how to handle days off, obviously I don't want to turn down clients but I don't want to work myself into the ground. There's days where I am back...
  8. JenBella

    Cognito Skincare/Cocoa Rose Facials

    Hi Geeks, I've just placed my order for the Cocoa Rose Facial range and am wondering how other geeks who use this range market it and any experience or advice you would like to share. I absolutely can not wait to use it, I have read through the website so many times and been drooling over every...
  9. JenBella

    Additives Art Class

    Evening all, Just wondering if any of you have done the Additives Art Class? I've just emailed to book for the next available date and I'm a tad excited! You get the kit with the course as well, I think 5 additives and a brush and as far as I know it's the new twinkle collection we get so...
  10. JenBella

    Laser treatment/Shellac

    Hi Guys, I have a regular Shellac client who gets her manicures done every fortnight. She wants to get a Shellac pedicure done but I'm not 100% sure whether I can, or should do it. She has had a fungal infection in both big toes and has had 2 laser treatments done, the last one being done...
  11. JenBella

    Consultation forms & CRC's

    Hi Geeks, i am currently revamping my consultation forms and client record cards. i was previously just using the itec one which covered everything and updating on the back for each treatment but I would like to get something a bit more personalised and better really. I have my logo etc to go...
  12. JenBella

    Any Karora Tan users here?

    Just wondering if there is anyone on here who uses this Spray Tan, if so please let me know as I just have a couple of questions re the %...getting some conflicting information and want to be well advised by someone who has used it before buying it in!
  13. JenBella

    Oil cleansing method

    Just wondering if any other geeks use the oil cleansing method and if so what do you use? Do you make your own and what do you put in? I've been a big fan of Dermalogica Pre Cleanse for a long time but being e er curious about trying new products I started using a gorgeous one I picked up in...
  14. JenBella

    Babyliss Wave Envy or similiar

    Hello Hair Geeks, Popped over from the other side! My mum is getting married in October and I'm bridesmaid..having a bit of a worry about my hair and what to do with it. I have a bob with layers through it, just nearly at the bottom of my neck. I lost a big chunk of hair right down to root...
  15. JenBella

    Babyliss Wave Envy or similiar

  16. JenBella

    Spray tan solutions

    I'm a bit frustrated with my current solution, I've had 4 bad feedbacks from clients since I introduced it (never had any complaints previously) so i am pulling it and going back to my old solution until I get something I am really happy with. My old solution is good, never any issues with...
  17. JenBella

    Tans and barrier cream

    Hi fellow tanners! Just wanted to pick your brains...I am doing tans a good few months now and generally have no issues at all. I recently had someone whos palms went dark but obviously I didn't spray the palms so I put it down to her touching her skin while asleep or something (I havent had...
  18. JenBella

    Shellac help

    Hi guys, Hoping for a bit of help with 2 issues if possible! Firstly, doing a client a I completely forgot to Scrubfresh. We got interrupted just after the cuticle work (no excuse) and it totally went out of my head until I got home...she is a regular client and has no problems with lifting or...
  19. JenBella


    Just looking for some advice for myself. I'm thinking of getting Botox, now whilst I don't have any deep wrinkles around my eyes I have noticed a few fine lines arriving and the crows feet when I smile are looking a bit more pronounced. Can any of you Botox geeks tell me if getting this...
  20. JenBella

    Cheeky mare!

    Bit of a rant coming up! I am self employed and hold an ITEC diploma (beauty specialist) as well as advanced lash & brow training, spray tanning, 3 week mascara, advanced bridal make up and I am also CND Shellac certified (this certification is based on both theory and practical). So, anyways...