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  1. ronray

    Extremely tangled hair - almost dreadlock

    My best friend has always had fairly knotty hair. Since having her baby, her hair now knots from the root, when her hair is washed it separates itself into clusters at the root and the ends bind together! It took me 2hours to de-tangle it and cut it the other night! It's her birthday at the end...
  2. ronray

    Family as clients?

    Does anyone else think that family are often the worst clients you have? Mine is typically my mother! Always questions what I'm doing, and why I'm doing it. Always picks faults with her hair as soon as its done, yet loves it then the next day and never complains about it again after... And...
  3. ronray

    Problems with colour remover (Eraser)

    Hi geeks, I have used affinage eraser twice this week and have been really disappointed. Hopefully someone can help or recommend a better product. 1st client : was a base 44/0 wanting a 5/0. I followed the instructions thoroughly it removed all traces of the previous 44/0 so I applied 6/0 with...