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  1. lizzie.d

    Colour ratio

    Hi I've got a client who wants to have 7.64. But the whole salers haven't got it in rusk so I'm gunna use the red booster with the colour that she's had before which is 7.44. How much of the red booster would you recommend putting in? The rusk range is 100ml of colour tube. My client is...
  2. lizzie.d

    Colour brands?

    What colour brands would people recommend using for someone like me who is newly Qualified?
  3. lizzie.d

    Rusk colour?

    do you mix 1 up 1 down with this brand to get the colour that you want. I haven't used rusk for a long while so have forgotten how much of each colour I mix. I also wanted to know how much base colour I would put in with it. I have jus finished my qualification on NVQ L2 If you could help me I...