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  1. Purelynailz

    Nfu.oh nail polishes

    Hey, I brought a couple of the Nfu.oh special effects nail polishes ( hologram and metallics collection) and i have found them to be amazing in everyway, from there consistency to density of colour and best of all there drying time is great too. I am now looking to purchase some of the...
  2. Purelynailz

    £££ Minx

    Being a soletrader and running a small business, i wanted know if anyone else was finding it financally viable to offer it as a service? Being a small business im unable to order in bulk a selection of designs on the off chance that my clients may want them/the design ive chosen to order in...
  3. Purelynailz

    Liliyas dvds

    Hi I just wanted to find out if anyone has ordered any of liliyas dvds etc , and what they were like . Ive not got them myself and a tech friend of mine was thinking of ordering but wanted some feedback first. So if anyone has any feednack it would be grately appreciated Thanks Haze xxx
  4. Purelynailz

    Happy birthday Sian1979

    Happy birthday Sian, hope you have a great day, :hug: Haze xxxx
  5. Purelynailz

    Nfu.oh nail products

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you all know, i have started a Nfu.oh lovers ! group , as ive noticed theres a few more people using this product now, and thought it would be nice for everyone that does use it to have somewhere to post pics and ask questions. :hug: Haze xx
  6. Purelynailz

    Nail Industries accepted treatment times?

    Hi, I am currently doing my NVQ and have a question about :what are the accepted industry treatment times for wrap treatments, ie a new set, rebalance etc. I have done research on my local salons and on here and i have average timings for these treatments from this, but i may be being a bit...
  7. Purelynailz

    Sam Biddle design & fantasy

    ive just been looking on sam biddles blogspot and thought id share this with everyone whos interested in design and fantasy nails, she is bringing out a new dvd which has a load of tips and techniques which we can all use to create some fantastic nail designs. There is also a short clip of what...
  8. Purelynailz

    design nail

    hi this is a design that i came up with when having a play with the earthstones collection from ezflow , tell me what you all think !!
  9. Purelynailz

    ist attempt at my own design on a nail !

    hi , this is my first attempt at doing my own design on a nail since i done my acrylic design day a couple of weeks ago and the first time ive been brave enough to let you all have a look at any of my work , what do you all think ? hazel
  10. Purelynailz

    Fantasy seminar !

    hi My local education centre is holding a fantasy seminar next month in peterborough with sam biddle and victoria smith, itll be the first one ive ever been to , has anyone else been to one before? and are any other geeks going? i cant wait !!
  11. Purelynailz

    Need Advice on nvqs, vtct etc

    hi I need some advice , i want to do my nvq l3 in nail technology , but dont understand the difference between the vtct , itec , city and guilds etc. Is there any difference ? or is there one thats better than the other ? I have done training with creative and ezflow already which i found both...