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  1. Mandita8601

    Bikini wax complaint

    I have a new client who's bikini I waxed 2weeks ago. All went well as far as I was concerned. I had been warned previously that she could be a troublemaker, but I took the appointment anyway. I pre waxed, tested the wax between each strip. After waxed and gave after care advice. Now two weeks...
  2. Mandita8601

    Removing or subduing tone?

    I tried 8/38 kp as lowlights on my client. The result is a little warm for my client. What would you suggest for a more natural or ashy tone? Thanks
  3. Mandita8601

    Salon rent/lease?

    I have arranged to view a commercial property and wonder if any geeks have any advice. It's advertised with a weekly rent (rent includes all water charges, electricity charges and building rates)!! I haven't rented a shop before so don't know the ins and outs of leases etc. The rent sounds...
  4. Mandita8601

    Space rental 50/50 advice

    Looking for a bit of advice on chair/space rental. I have enquired to a new salon and am going in to have a chat with the owner. All I know is that it's 50/50 split. Does anyone have any advice on who should buy products?, who pays for advertising?, or anything else that would be a fair deal...
  5. Mandita8601

    space rental 50/50 advice

  6. Mandita8601

    Highlights on extensions?

    I have somone enquiring about having highlights done on their hair extensions. Is this somthing that you have done? I thot the extensions would normally be put in with hights in the first place. I haven't answered yet. What would you suggest? Thanks in advance x
  7. Mandita8601

    Mobile hairdressing products

    What shampoo/conditioners/treatments do you use while mobile? Just wondering as i've heard some people use the clients own shampoos etc but i'd prefer to use something professional, but would like ideas as to what works best for you. Also do you retail to your mobile clients? Thanks xx
  8. Mandita8601

    Electrolysis help

    I have an interview next week for a hair removal specialist, working with transgender clients. Does anyone have any information that might help me at interview? I qualified in electrolysis in 2000 but have never needed it in salons i've worked in. Obviously that's quite a while. Has there been...
  9. Mandita8601

    beauty room rental

    I've been enquiring about renting a room within a barbers shop, using the room for beauty treatments. My question is, who decides the prices I charge for treatments? I would've thought me!! but the owner wants me to undercut everyone in the area, and tbh i'm not happy with that.
  10. Mandita8601

    highlift or bleach?

    I've recently qualified in hairdressing and starting out on my own. I have a return client who had a full head bleach and now wants roots done. What would you do? bleach roots only or use a highlift tint? I'm just thinking it might be a bit kinder to her hair if i used a tint. She's base 6 or 7...
  11. Mandita8601

    Hot Towel Shaves-Training

    Does anyone know where i could get trained in hot/cold towel shaves and beard trimming? I would really like to add this service to my list. I live in Glasgow. Thanks in advance for any help x
  12. Mandita8601

    hair pricing

    I'm trying to come up with a price list for cuts colours etc Do you price colours including cut? or price separately? say someone wants a full head tint and highlights, would you price it all together or highlights separate from tint and add them together? Hope i'm making sense! any help...
  13. Mandita8601

    Fake scissors

    Hi I'm on the lookout for new scissors and have been looking on ebay as well as well known sites for scissors. I noticed on ebay some feedback left to some sellers that the scissors they bought from them were fakes. I'm obviously quite niave and it never entered my head that fakes were around...
  14. Mandita8601


    i've been asked to do a medium perm just for volume. The lady has long hair to shoulder blades anyone got suggestions on the best way to do this? I've only ever done perms on shorter hair. Can i use bendy rollers?
  15. Mandita8601

    Business start up funding

    Does anyone know if there's any hair/beauty business startup funding help in Scotland? I'm over 30 so i know this puts princes trust and business gateway out the window for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  16. Mandita8601

    Should I be getting paid?

    sorry if this is a repeat question, i've looked for answers to this but can't find it. I'm 31 and just completed level 2 in hairdressing. I will be going back to college in August to do level 3. The thing is i've just started in a salon 1 day per week and as i'm not doing a course at this...
  17. Mandita8601

    Just my big toe (first attempt crystal pedicure)

    don't have swarovski crystals but wanted to give it a try. I just used gems i had. What do you think of my first attempt? and what do you suggest i do to improve it?
  18. Mandita8601

    RUSK luminating lightener

    Has anyone used this and is it any good? On the packaging it says it will lift to any level has anyone found this to make hair really white? I asked in sallys if they had a sample size to try but they don't :( Don't really want to fork out for it if it's not up to much
  19. Mandita8601

    needing some colour suggestions

    help!! i need suggestions for hair colour on a sally head. It's for a competition. I've got the cut ok, but the colour i'm not sure about. We have 3 hours to cut, colour and finish. I'd like to do bright colours, if possible without bleaching as it will take too long. The overall thing is to be...
  20. Mandita8601

    Should i find another work placement?

    I'm currently doing 1st year in hairdressing at college 3 days and in salon placement 1 day a week. I've been working 1 day a week in the placement since September and don't feel i'm gaining proper experience there as i'm cleaning all day. What should i be doing at this stage in a salon? i know...