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    Does a highlift tint work on white/grey hair?

    Would I need to lower the developer down to 6% to cover the white ones? Usually I would use 12% at the back as she is Still very dark there naturally Thank you :)
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    Wella help for vibrant coppery hair

    Hello, I’m new to copper hair.. I have a client that’s now wanting me to do her colour too! She likes the vibrant coppers and likes the multi tonal look (first few pics). im just wondering how I would achieve something like this on her already coloured golden/copper hair? I’ll attach a close...
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    Wella purple/violet colour help

    I have a new client (who has so much hair).. she wants something low maintenance so we decided to go with balayage pieces and keeping her natural roots. however, since having the consultation she has mentioned that she likes purpley/violety hair. would you still do the balayage bleach pieces...
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    Wella colour change up

    Hello, My client wants a change up.. last time we added foils throughout as well as a root colour in between (6/71 + 12g 5/0) and toned with 12g 7/97 + 6g 7/86 + 6g 6/71 (roots) and 7g 9/03 + 7g 7/03 (ends) this time she wants to go more chestnutty, like the image attached, the colour on the...
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    Highlights and grey hair Wella

    I have a new client- she has a lot of grey hair and doesn’t want to embrace it yet! I’ll add pics of her hair and the sort of thing she’s aiming for. She hates the grey and wants that covered! I’m thinking of doing a full head of highlights, and a colour inbetween and then a root smudge toner...
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    Wella colour help with high lift blondes

    Hello, I have a new client, around a base 5 or maybe 6 naturally, with white ones too! she has box dyed her hair over lockdown so also has a bit of a warmer mid band Going on. ideally we want to match her roots to the ends. I’m thinking of maybe going in with KP 12/81 + 6%. Worried that this...
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    Wella colour choice

    Hello, I have a client who’s wanting to achieve this violet colour. We are going down the full head highlights route and then maybe darkening the root back down with a root smudge toner (or leaving them lighter as it’s mainly the purple colour she’s liking). I’m just wondering which toner you...
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    Wella colour and technique help!

    Hello, I have a client that is naturally around a base 5, then has old colour build up and lighter ends. I will attach the photo of what she has and what she’s wanting (to be done after lockdown). She also mentions she wants to get rid of the line where the two colours meet. And really likes...
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    Colour choice and application help!

    I’ve got a new client who is around a base 4 or 5 naturally with about 30/40% white hair and maybe 90% at the front hairline.. I forgot to take a picture of her hair.. but I’ll post a pic of the test piece I took and what she’s aiming for! There is some darker banding in some areas of her hair...
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    Full head highlights Wella colour choice

    I’ve got a new client who explains she doesn’t like to be too blonde.. and usually has a caramel low light going through.. she’s about a base 6/7 naturally! She explains she doesn’t like it to look streaky! I usually just do bleach foils as most people want to be as blonde as poss.. but this...
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    Is Wella 6/97 or 6/71 ashier/less red?

    Is wella CT 6/97 or 6/71 ashier/less red?
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    Colour choice with Wella red tones?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone can help me out with this.. So this is my clients hair at the moment.. and she’s wanting to go a bit darker/redder and more of an intense red colour on the ends (uploaded pics). She’s hating how light it’s faded and wants to be more dark than light. Last time we...
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    Does anyone know the Redken-Wella conversions?

    Looking to translate this toner formulae to a wella equivalent.. really not educated in Redken so unsure of the tones. Root shaddow: 8N + 7P (would assume the N is neutral?) Miss/ends: 9NB + 9V (would assume the V is violet?) If anyone can help that would be lovely! Thanks in advance! X
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    How would you achieve this purple colour using Wella?

    Hey, My client wants to add some more colour into her balayage this time.. she wants to go more purple! We usually tone with 7/86 + 10/6 which works well and goes more grey.. some pieces do take quite well and go a little lilac. I’m thinking of adding some mix tone 0/68 into the mix? Or maybe a...
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    Wella colour choice help!

    I have a client booked in for a colour and I’ve literally never done anything like what she’s after so I’m a bit stuck with making the right colour choice! She said she doesn’t want the roots quite as purpley but is happy for the ends to be more of the purply tone! But she still likes the other...
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    Wella colour choice?

    Hey! I’m recently qualified and still struggle sometimes with colour choice.. My client is aiming for these kinda warm colours.. maybe not as much lightness thoughout though. We are going to balayage.. what would your colour choices be? I’m thinking maybe 6/7 or 6/3 roots Balayage bleach...
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    Can I use Illumina with 4% to cover grey, or would I use 6% for this?

    There’s approx 5-15% grey but only in some areas! I would usually use illumina mixed 1:2 with 1.9% (on non grey hair) or Colour touch, but I prefer the illumina so I’m wondering if mixing it with 4% will be okay?