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    popular creative colours?

    Can anyone tell me which creative nail polishes are popular? Do they do a more natural tip than cream puff? something not so white? Also i ordered insomnia from a supplier, which advertised as a deep purple. Its actually a rather attractive (??) green! So i am nervous about ordering more colours...
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    Natural French. Colour advice.

    I am about to startworking for myself. I have tried a few products and haven't yet tried Creative. Can anyone advice a nice colour for the french tip? i would like a nice white and a more natural colour. Also the 'pink' top coats i have tried do not look good, they seem to streak?
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    Which Varnish?

    Where can i buy 'cnd' polish. I tried surfing for it, but couldn't find any?
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    Which French Varnish?

    Can anyone recommend a varnish for French? I have tried a few, but all the 'pink' coats i find to apply a bit streaky? I like Jessica's white tips, but not the 'pink' i have from them? What do customers prefer, Pink or clear ontop of white tips? :)
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    Which Varnish?

    Can anyone advice me a good nail varnish for natural nails? I am still training and trying different products. I have tried Attitude, but i find it too thick. I have been adviced to use Jessica and also OPI? HAs anyone used these products, or others?
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    Which nail magazine

    Can anyone please advce me which nail magazine to subscibe to? I am currently only doing manicures and pedicures and not false nails. Thanks for all the help i have had so far from everyone :)
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    Advice on drying nails.

    I am planning on starting to work from home doing manicures and pedicures. But am worried about the drying of the nail polish. At college we was adviced to let the nail polish dry naturally. But has anyone used any products such as a dryer, oil or spray that they can recommend? Thanks :)
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    Promotion advice

    Thanks for everyone's advice. Will let you know how i go on. :)
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    Kerry from macclesfield course?

    Does anyone know a Kerry who recently attended a Macc college course. Paula and Lu would like to say hi and thank her for telling us about this site. If you read this good luck with getting clients.
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    Promotion advice

    I am about to start my own business working from home. Can any one give me advice on information to put on promotional leaflets, the most effective way to advertise or any general advice. Thanks.
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    Peeling nails

    What is Solar Oil? Where can i get it?
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    Peeling nails

    Thanks for that. I havent actually used and strengtheners. I have read and been advised to use Jessicas Fusion. Has you/anyone used this? Or is there any other prodocts or advice? Has anyone successfully treated a client or there own nails which are peeling and weak?
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    Help for New technicain. Specialised treatments?

    Hi All, I have just completed a basic mancire and pedicure course. I am planning on going mobile/working from home soon. Can anyone tell me what specailised treatments are popular?
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    Peeling nails

    Does anyone have any advice on how to treat peeling weak nails. Since i started my manciure course it seems my nails condition has got worse. I use moisturiser many times a day. Rarely use varnish remover. What products or treatments can anyone recommend to me? :)