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    tanning as well as doing nails.

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    Found a fabulous uniform supplier!

    hi just a quickie how long did it take yours to come i ordered mine on wednesday last week, i kow i'm alittle impatient but was just wondering, i don't want to phone and bug them.
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    check this website out

    hi claire, thanks so much for that and yes it makes perfect sense even for me, been wondering how to do that for ages just finding my way round this computer. thanks again. jan x
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    check this website out

    oh dear, i've just sobbed my heart out reading the one to daughter, read some replies saying they were gonna save as favorites, sorry to be so computer dumb but how do i do this, thanks in advance its just i would really like to come back to this for special events, i never know what to...
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    feel like quitting

    my god, i can't believe it i feel soooo guilty, i like yourself am a single parent, with a slight difference i only have one little girl age 7, and she tries my patience so much when i have people round, she normally is good but she shows off knowing there is nothing i can do about it, and there...
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    Found a fabulous uniform supplier!

    bless ya, i could kiss ya, i logged on tonight to search for a uniform after dying the only two dress i had green. thanks again i'm gonna go back on the site and get me some dresses x
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    brisa help please,

    by golly i've got it, toes don't need the apex building as such, no pressure on em, (no extension) thank you so muchly, i can sleep like a bug in a rug now. thanks jan x
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    brisa help please,

    must say i am enjoying using it, i have never used gel before, and i am still l&p mad, but for toes think its easier to do. so i will start with toes and go from there, maybe start using on fingers when i've had more practice. the process i was using was from the little booklet we get in our...
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    brisa help please,

    this seems so much better quicker than what i was doing, don't know what i was thinking, just love making work for myself. so just to clarify. prep. liquid bond thin layer of pink gel (cure for 2mins) white gel paint (lock for 10 secs then cure all for 2mins) thicker layer of clear gel...
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    brisa help please,

    you beauty, thought i wasn't gonna get a reply and doing 2 sets tommorrow, thanks so much for that. although mine look nice i don't think theres a need for all the layers, sorry to bother you again but do you use toe seperaters or not i'm thinking it might be a prob with the lamp. jan x
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    spray tanning

    hi ya i have the su do tanning machine, and your right it is good saying that i have been having trouble getting it right, you have to have a technique and to be honest i havn't got it to a tee yet, so i rang su do and they are giving me some more training on the 20th. but i know once i...
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    brisa help please,

    hi everyone, as any one done a brisa toe overlay, the thing is i was wondering if you use toe seperaters or not, i have done my own,they look really nice i am so pleased with the result, i even put some diamontes on big toes wasn't sure is was gonna work but it did and looks great. but i did...
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    French Nail Tips

    hi just had to say i personally use white powder on my white tips as said before makes them bright and stand out, although i have used the twighlight powder and glimmer powder also on the white tips looks lovely too, i ask the customer what they would prefer, also if you use pink powder over...
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    New Business Name???HELP

    there is a perfect 10 studio where i live (barnsley) so that won't bother you, must admit i do quite like the name, but after reading all post seems to be quite a few perfect 10's about. might be nice to think of something else, top 2 toe, if you do everything, er thats about all i can come up...
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    Brisa on me!

    wow they are long, how do ya cope i love really long nails but can't work with them too long now, did you use the white sculpting gel, or the brush on white, i have only used brisa on toes and natural overlays, i'm still learning with it. can't seem to use the white gel in the pot i find it...
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    Nail Tips...

    you took the words right out of my mouth, millenium tips are great, i must say i tend to use creative rad french more often, but i have a box of both. love jan x
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    hi everyone. father christmas fetched my daughter a beautifull persian kitten, 3 christmas ago i was in a right tiz waz thinking what to call her i even bought a baby book and still couldn't decide, anyway christmas morning when my daughter first saw her, she loved her and called her furby...
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    today i was robbed

    how bad is that, i feel really sorry for you, i personally havn't had anything like that happen to me, but if it did i would be proper seething, i'm mad as anything and it didn't even happen to me. hope something really nice happens to you tommorrow to compensate. jan x
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    Supersonic Sculpting Demo

    wish i was going, are these demos something that happen a lot, i have been on a few training courses and booked on my brisa course 19 th of may (can't wait). but i have never been to a demo.
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    Problem with local salon!

    some people get right up my nose. why can't people just live and let live, don't get me wrong i'm jealous of loads of people on this site for the fantastic work they create, doesn't mean to say i'm going to slate them. I had a simular experience, a friend of a friend wanted to get into...