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    Hair extensions

    Hi, I qualified as a hairdresser some 19 years ago! And I’m currently mobile (in UK) i do the usual colour, highlights and cuts, for all, men, women kids, I’m looking to add to my abilities and wondered what you’d suggest? was originally looking at a head massage course, but wondered about...
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    Lockdown 2.0

    I’ve spent today calling and messaging my clients, I’m mobile hairdresser and most have been happy to rebook for Dec, stating that fingers crossed we can start back as planned! some already had their xmas slot booked already so are just waiting for that one and just missing one cut between now...
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    SumUp/iZettle pros and cons

    I use Izettle as they had them on offer so only £19 to buy and 1.75% per transaction, I’m mobile so works in each clients house, links to phone, you can set up all treatment costs beforehand and ‘add them to the basket’ or can just put in any amount, I find it really easy to use, it shows you...
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    Facial massage with Indian head massage

    Thank you, how did you train for yours May I ask? Ie- college, online, day class?
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    Facial massage with Indian head massage

    Thank you
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    Mobile hairdressing setup help!

    Hi, I started off mobile about 19 years ago, and now come back to it after having kids, I love it, kept some old clients who I did in the salon, and still finding new clients. I now wash people’s hair at the kitchen sink, if they’re worried about colour splashing we just put towels around the...
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    Facial massage with Indian head massage

    Thanks, as I’m a hairdresser I was looking to just add onto my services, so client would be seated at home on a chair!
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    Facial massage with Indian head massage

    Thank you, also very wary of online courses ripping me off as heard some worrying things in the past, just wasn’t sure how things are right now, thanks for your help, Can I ask what type of massage in your case most people go for? Trying to decide which one is most popular?
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    Facial massage with Indian head massage

    Thank you, I was worried with current circumstances that if I paid for a classroom type course it would end up being cancelled due to covid!
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    Head massage

    Hi I am currently a mobile hairdresser in the U.K., and want to offer a type of head and/or face massage, What would you recommend? Indian head massage, Thai massage Scalp massage or does anyone just give a head massage without a specific qualification? Is that allowed? And where would anyone...
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    Facial massage with Indian head massage

    Hi can I ask how/where you did your course? Was it online or at a training centre?
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    Clients wearing masks

    Sorry if this has been asked, but if we’re mobile, do clients have to wear masks? As I’m in their own home, I wear a type 2 mask and face shield and wear an apron, but wasn’t sure with new legislation if they have to wear one now too?
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    First mobile clients - help

    I will say over a sink with a jug saves your back over the years! or if possible (especially since covid) ask them to wash it before you come, try not to compare it to a salon, they will feel comfortable enough in their own home in my experience.
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    Colour doesn’t last

    thank you, we used to call colour touch a semi colour so think thats where my confusion comes! I used to use them in a salon years ago, I think because I thought a permanent colour fades, figured a semi/Demi would do too? Will maybe try colour touch again, thanks
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    Colour doesn’t last

    Thanks, I’ve never heard to do this before!
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    Colour doesn’t last

    The total time was 30 minutes, so 20(roots)+10 (ends) for total colour time, if just doing roots alone would be full 30 minute development time, I’m new to using NXT colours so will see if they do a demi, my wholesalers changed their brands so cannot get hold of ones I’ve used for years! I...
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    Colour doesn’t last

    Hi, sorry for the essay- Looking to find out why my clients hair colour changes so much in between colour services and what I can do to stop that? I have been doing my clients hair for 19 years, I’m the only one to ever colour her hair, apart from a box dye during lockdown, She’s natural base...
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    NXT colours

    So client is base level 5/6, she’s only ever had a root tint of similar colour to cover greys, which are mostly on her parting (about 80%) but at the back and sides hardly any grey. During lockdown she used a box dye 5/0 first time, then 6/0 2nd time, but wanted to go lighter, to about an 8, I...
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    Mobile hairdressers guidelines

    I used the Gov.uk guidelines, I had to buy an extra cape so now have 3 in total, so limit to 3 households per day!, I use 1 per household, then goes in a bag and goes straight in the wash when home, along with clothes I’ve worn, at 60 degrees, if I’m cutting I wear a plastic apron and dispose of...
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    I hadn’t thought of that ‍♀️ Thank you