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  1. J

    Good bye

    Hi All Hair geeks.. I am saying goodbye. I wish you all well in your hair en devours. Take care all. Just remember..do not use pantene!!:) TaTa
  2. J

    Magazine links

    I thought since you guys enjoyed the other magazine link, that i would post another one. Salon Today enjoy
  3. J

    New GHD straight iron

    Has anyone seen or used this straight iron?:idea: NXTbook flash detection page
  4. J

    Friday the 13th....

    So tell us what happened to you on this day... I woke up this morning..grabbed a cup of java, ended up dropping the cup of hot liquid which hit my bare foot which then by natural reaction jumped in pain from the hot coffee and cup, slipped in the coffee that was all over the floor and fell. I...
  5. J

    Is this normal pedi and mani techniques?

    Hi all... I have just experienced my first ever NSS pedi and white tips polish on natural nails. Let me explain why i did it before anyone shoots at me,:D I had a semi formal wedding that took place on a Yacht to attend and all the stylists at the salon were booked up already, so I and my...
  6. J

    The Secret

    Has anyone read/ listened or watch this? It is a motivational about changing your life to be successful. I am just starting to listen to the CDs. Would love to read your opinins
  7. J

    Student Internship In Hair Salons

    Hi guys, I was approached a few times over the past year to allow hair students to come in to my salon and finish out thier hours working under me. Well , I have always turned them down because I thought it would be just a be more stress and work for me. I now have a student in with me...
  8. J

    Suntanning bed Burn

    Hey all geeks..My young son was put into a highpressure tanning bed for the max time after he told the girl that he burns easily. He is absolutley lobster red and hurts like a devil. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this is heal up quicker besides vinegar for the sting (burning feeling)...
  9. J


    I just returned from a all day educational seminar in Seattle. There was a new hair product company called Unite. The Owner said that he is from the UK and started in London with this company. Does anyone know what the products are like and If you sell them could you please tell me if this is a...
  10. J

    Facial skin pores

    What would cause facial pores around the cheeks, nose, and forehead area to enlarge? I am talking enlarging from not seen with the naked eye to being able to see them with the naked eye.
  11. J

    Fiction or truth about Collagen

    Hi guys, I hesitate to ask this question but didn't find an answer in the search engines. I read that our bodies do not reproduce collagen, so as we get older and start losing collagen, that we must get it by vits or external creams, lotions and potions. Truth or myth? Is it even possible...
  12. J

    Mineral Makeup question

    I am just getting into mineral makeup for myself and bought some but found that it makes my skin look like I put on a bronzer. It leaves my skin shiny and highlighted looking. Is this normal for mineral makeup or are there types out there that are more matte looking? As the day wears on, my skin...
  13. J

    Chemical imbalance?

    Hi hair geeks.. Came across a query. I have three white haired clients..gorgeous white white natural hair. (Elderly women over the age of 70 )They all have started getting grey, darker hair, steely colored. Most of it is located on the sides around the temple to ear area. One client asked her...
  14. J

    vitamin K creme

    Hi all. I use to buy Vit K creme for my broken capalleries on my face but I can't find it anywhere anymore. Can anyone suggest where to get a good one?
  15. J

    OPI Products

    I heard on the news last night that OPI products were being pulled off the shelves because of a contaminated batch. I didn't catch What line it was. Has anyone else hear about this?
  16. J

    Beige color pink based?

    Why when using a Beige based color, does the color on the hair usually have a "pinkish" tone to it? Isn't beige a brown base?
  17. J

    A Motivational Speaker says it all.

    This is a long read but worth it! This is from the motivational speaker Winn Claybaugh. Winn has changed my entire view of our industry.. Let's talk statistics... Here's an interesting one for you. 20% of the people working in the hair industry serve 80% of all the clients. Let me repeat...
  18. J

    natural Nail Problems

    I have all natural nails after wearing Gels, fiberglass, Linen etc for years, I grew them out and had fantastic hard beautiful nails then one day they just started breaking and peeling. I haven't changed anything in my diet. What would cause them to start peeling? And what can I do to hydrate...
  19. J

    SSW - Why do men get hair in strange places?

    Why when older men start losing their hair, do they start getting hair growing out of their ears?
  20. J

    Home Hair disasters

    I thought it would be interesting to read about home hair goof ups that we as professionals have had to correct in the salon. So I will start out. About a year ago, I had a young girl come in with her mum, apparently this young girl had bleached her hair out a few months ago then decided she...