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  1. Phyllis King

    How long for infill gel nails & repaint with UV polish?

    Hi everyone it seems to be taking ages for me to file off the UV polish and infill the growth areas with gel, cure and repaint a full set again with UV polish. How long should it be taking me? I have just finished my artificial nail structures course at college Thank you
  2. Phyllis King

    Which is more popular, Indian head or Sports massage?

    I want to increase my skills and I am thinking of doing either Indian head massage or sports massage. Could anyone tell me please which is more popular and in demand?
  3. Phyllis King

    Which parts of the face can you wax?

    I want to do a waxing qualification next and have been asked by someone if you can wax the whole face excluding the delicate area around the eyes. Many ladies have facial hair on their checks and I was just wondering if anyone knows. Thanks.