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  1. Chinju

    Waxing room

    Hi, is it necessary to have a sink installed inside the waxing room ? I am confused as my council is saying I have to do so. however in the past when I have visited salons for waxing they didn’t have a sink in the waxing room. Thank you in advance xxx
  2. Chinju


    Hi I am thinking of installing Phorest but they are pretty expensive. I am wondering if Schedule or Fresha is equally good ? Many thanks
  3. Chinju

    How is everyone preparing their nail salons post Covid

    Hi All, I hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to opening next month. How is everyone preparing their nail salons post Covid 19 ? I have installed manicure screen shields on the nail desks and receptioN area . C xx
  4. Chinju

    Nail salon cough screen/shields

    Hi All, I wanted to ask if anyone have installed manicure table screen? Is this going to be a requirement from the govt ? Many thanks C xx
  5. Chinju

    Lockdown and rent

    Hi All, I trust everyone is keeping well and safe in these horrid times. I am just curious to know if everyone is paying rent since the lockdown ? Or have the landlords been kind enough to accept half of the rent or give rent free for a month ? Many thanks Xx
  6. Chinju

    Gel extensions pricing help

    Hi, I am planning to introduce gel builder extensions in my salon as and when we reopen. I will be using the brand Crystal nails. I want to keep the pricing simple and basic. I am planning to price it @£40 for all gel extensions plus £6 for nail art. Or should I be breaking down the price for...
  7. Chinju

    Landlords and Covid-19 advice?

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone is having problems negotiating rent with the landlord during these horrid times ? My landlord doesn’t have a mortgage and the shop I took over was vacant for 3 years until I took over. He is hard to approach. All I want is one month rent free. Any ideas if the...
  8. Chinju

    Gel builder extensions using form

    Hi All, Please may I ask which is the best brand for gel builder extension ? I heard Crystal builder gels are very good. please let know your thoughts on it. Many thanks C xx
  9. Chinju

    Beauty licence for nails only

    Hi All, I am in the process of opening a nail salon. The coucil came for final checks. They put the followinhg conditions- that i must display my public liability insurancs certificate ( i have not seen in any salons i have worked in) 2) i must have record card for al customers. Why do they...
  10. Chinju

    Have anyone used Alibaba for beauty furniture supplies

    Hello Members, I am talking to various sources in China via Alibaba to supply manicure tables, pedi sink bowls etc. They are keen to supply to UK and works out lot cheaper too. I am not sure if anyone can recommend to me if they are good quality wise and also shipping time etc ? Many thanks
  11. Chinju

    Fire risk assessment

    I heard that if you have less than 5 staff then I can carry out the fire risk Assessment myself. Where do I get the proforma for the assessment? Thank you
  12. Chinju

    Music license?

    Hello All, Please may I ask salon owners regarding playing music in the salon. I have just been told I need a licence to play music. How do I go about obtaining the certificate please ? Thank you Chinju
  13. Chinju

    Card reader, fire risk and health and safety

    Hi I wanted to ask business owners which card reader is the best for a start up business ? I am planning to use TIMEly for appointments or You Are on Time - any comments in these two products ? Fire Risk Assessment- is this necessary if I have only 3 employees ? Any websites to get hold of a...
  14. Chinju

    Pedicure basins

    Hello all - please may I ask where can I find a really nice pedicure basins with a tap? I have seen few in amazon but it’s just a bowl. Many thanks
  15. Chinju


    Hi All, Just wanted to ask if any salon owners have had bad experience with the landlord. I haven’t been lucky so far, at first they seems really good and accommodating. As we progress further into signing the lease, they become really difficult. It will be good to know if it’s this is part...
  16. Chinju

    Commercial survey help

    Hello All, I am in the midst of signing a shop lease. However I have few things that’s kind of worrying me a bit. Landlord lives on the flat above and he is in his 70s. He doesn’t have a solicitor and he wants me to do the lease on my terms. I don’t know if there is a catch there . I haven’t...
  17. Chinju

    Which is the best salon software?

    Please may I ask business owners which is the best salon software in terms of user friendly, pricing and support for a new business? I have looked into Schdule and have decided not to use it. Many thanks
  18. Chinju

    Break Clause for a business

    Hello, I need some advise from business owners regarding taking up the lease. My landlord seems to be pretty laid back about it all. Asked me to draft a lease and keep it simple with no deposit just 3 months rent in advance. He said it’s upto me to make the lease longer/ shorter or with break...
  19. Chinju

    Shared acquisition

    Hello, Wondering if anyone have come across the term shared acquisition when buying an existing beauty business? This is one of the options given for buying the business. Many thanks
  20. Chinju

    Hair toner to remove the brassy red tone?

    Hello Hair Geeks, Please may I ask for some advice? I got my hair recently highlighted. I have dark asian hair. I asked the hairdresser that I wanted the hair to be ash blonde and not the brassy color. I know it's possible to obtain the ash blonde color as I have had it done in India last year...