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  1. baroness hair

    Which colour do you think?

    I would pre-lighten her hair to a yellow. Then tone with a 7.13 or 7 & 7.1 with activator leaving it on for 20- 30mins
  2. baroness hair

    Wella High Lift tint and grey hair

    I wouldn't apply a high lift tint. If she is a level 8 with white hair, I would use a level 10 or 11 with 20vol. Her white hair needs no lift only depositing and her base of an 8 will lift with 20vol
  3. baroness hair

    Spray tanning course in Liverpool

    Morpheous Acadamy in Campbeltown
  4. baroness hair

    Colour advice please!

    Hi I would do a couple of deep cleansing shampoos, blowdry hair 'till almost dry. Apply a bleach bath. Starting at areas where it needs the most lifting. Maybe do a protein treatment before your colour application. Which ever desired colour you choose, pick a shade lighter as it will grab due to...