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  1. Lauraa1981

    Salon colour disaster

    Client was lv 4 wanting a cool level 6 colour. She had about 10% grey I didnt not have any 5N so I used 3/4 6.22 & 4n plus a few drops of gold concentrate with 20vol.. My thinking was the .22 would nutralise all the warm tones while lifting and between the 4 and 6 we would end up with a cool...
  2. Lauraa1981

    Am I crazy?

    Does using some gold and a natural base colour together help cover really resistant grey???
  3. Lauraa1981

    What would happen if I did this?

    A client who is 60% grey. Natural colour lv 5. Want a cool base 7. If I used 3/4 7.1 & 1/4 7 What would happen to the grey hair with the 7.1? Also would it cover enough ? In a situration like this what would you use to get a cool 7
  4. Lauraa1981

    High lift tint yes or no?

    My client is a level 5 and I have been doing bleach & 20vol on scalp bleach. Her mids and ends were stripped from artifical colour which has has really dryed her hair out . Now were happy to be a look like a 8.32 colour. Question is. Would a 8.1 tint with 40 vol achieve this? Or do I need ti...
  5. Lauraa1981


    Doing a toner for highlights at work not fam with the colour range yet. Used something simular to a 10.2 with 10 vol. As there shitty colours i left the tonner longer than normal. The stupid colour lifted her base slightly and went warmer. I thought 10 vol was to deposit and not lift??? Is this...
  6. Lauraa1981

    What can be done about this?

    At work we do not have any colour reducer and they wont bring any in. What say using bleach with peroxide 1.5% be simular ? What can I do about this??
  7. Lauraa1981

    Is this true?

    When colouring grey hair 70% plus and wanting to achieve a level 5 or under. You should be using 10 vol instead of 20? Is this correct.? Started a nee job and the hairdresser said that this is basic colour theroy. Wtf?
  8. Lauraa1981

    What would you do here?

    Just want it to match her roots with her mids and ends keeping the most of the warmth. I feel bleaching would make it too light as her base is about 6/7. What would I use?? Would a 9.1 & 30vol work? And tone mids and ends with a 8.21 10vol? Think a few baby lights would be nice to break ot...
  9. Lauraa1981

    Very nervous, any advice?

    I havent worked in a salon for 13 years. I have a trial coming up and was asked to bring in my scissors clips and trimmers. It is in a busy shopping center. I know I am not up to speed and as quick as I use to be. :(( Scared that I am not good enough. What is your advice for me. Some tips or...
  10. Lauraa1981

    Does this look khaki to you?

    This Karki?
  11. Lauraa1981

    What's your opinion-grey?

    We wanted to achieve a grey. She wasnt fussed what type of grey. So I sugested something on the lighter side to give for variation between the base. I just used 10.21 & 10vol & left it on for 20mins. To tone down the yellow. Didnt even get to use anything else as it looks grey to me. It is...
  12. Lauraa1981

    Thoughts colouring childrens hair?

    What are your thoughts on colouring under 18? Would you do it and what age is too young? Very hesitant to do a colour. What do you all think?
  13. Lauraa1981

    Anti dandruff shampoo help

    Any suggestuons on what is h good to use? Client was using herbal essence and it has tried her scalp out too much. Something that is not too expensive
  14. Lauraa1981

    Would a 8.11 work with this?

    Would 8.11 & 20vol work inbetween the foils as a tint. To achieve the picture. She said her hair throws a lot of warmth.
  15. Lauraa1981

    Grey hair help?

    What happens if you put a 8.81 on top of golden bleached hair. Would it still turn out grey?
  16. Lauraa1981

    How to achieve this?

    Client wants to take out the brass and be like the picture. Will be doing a full head of foils as she had ombre done lastime and is feeling really dark. Question I wanted to use a tint inbetween the highlights to take out warmth out of her natural hair and look like the picture. Question...
  17. Lauraa1981

    Best pastel blue

    Whats best pastal Blue have you used. If you have pictures please send.
  18. Lauraa1981

    Do I need to strip this to achieve this?

    Do i need to strip the red out completly in her hair to achieve this pink colour? This client really loves bright colours. I was thinking of lifting the red a little and put a pink on top. Question is Will it work well enough like this ?????? Or dies it need to be blonde??
  19. Lauraa1981

    Which is the strongest purple shampoo?

    What is the strongest purple shampoo you have used?
  20. Lauraa1981

    Bleach 20vol vs 40?

    Say you have a client lv 5 and she wants to be a all over Ash 8. Would using bleach 20vol, lighting slower give a cleaner cream result than going first hand in with 30 or 40 vol. Im talking about using on mids and ends. I will not use anything higher than 20 on clients roots with bleach. Could...