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  1. Zinatrix

    Wella autumn/winter colour

    Hey geeks, this is one of my clients, who wants to go darker for Winter. Just wanted to know everyone’s opinion on how they would achieve this. I use mostly Wella colour. Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Zinatrix

    Salon brands?

    Hey everyone, I am considering working from my home salon instead of a chair rental and wondering what shampoo/conditioner brand to use. Does anyone have any favourites? Redken is now available in the UK and considered that. What’s everyone’s thoughts? Any comments would be appreciated. :)
  3. Zinatrix

    Colour Touch 10/6

    Hi lovely’s, I’m a professional hair stylist and been bleaching and toning my own hair over the last few years achieving a clean blonde result using wella blondor and 6% and normally using 10/16 or 10/38 koleston perfect and pastel. I usually love my hair after it’s done and the colour is always...
  4. Zinatrix

    Home hair salon

    Hi all, I currently rent a chair in a salon part time but I’m thinking of doing it at home too. Does anyone have opinions on this ie. pros and cons also Covid-19 restrictions/guidelines, insurance etc... Thank you in advance for any reply’s 😀
  5. Zinatrix

    Wella 55/66

    Hi, I currently use Wella 55/66 on a few of my clients but wondered if I only have 55/0, how much 0/66 to add for the same colour? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. x