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  1. pinkeedee

    Purex Nail Station

    I've just bought a second hand Purex Nail Station and there are no filters or bulb with it. Does anyone know where I can buy these from please? I've googled it but not had any success in finding a supplier. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you x
  2. pinkeedee

    Extremely hairy legs

    Hi I am fairly new to waxing and was just starting to feel quite confident until I got a client yesterday with the thickest hair on her legs that i've ever seen. She had never had them waxed before, she just shaved them. So I started the full leg wax with my Berins ease wax and it soon became...
  3. pinkeedee

    Backscratcher silk/fibreglass nails

    Hi Ladies/Gents I've recently bought the Backscratcher silk/fibreglass nail kit and will be doing a course in Oct, I have applied silk to my own nails and so far I can't see any disadvantages to this system. I've read a lot on here about them but they all seem to be old threads so my question is...
  4. pinkeedee

    Feeling down-taken for granted

    Much as I love my job and the majority of my clients are fab just lately i'm feeling really fed up with being taken for granted. Worse part is i suspect its all my own fault. I have a home salon and welcome everyone warmly, making them feel at ease and comfortable. Unfortunately this is starting...
  5. pinkeedee

    Shrinking Violet - very excited!

    I've recently done my body wrap training and today I received my first order from Shrinking Violet so tonight i've advertised on Facebook and within half an hour i've got 2 bookings! :biggrin:. Whilst I am extremely excited i'm also a bit nervous. I am booked to do the official SV training in...
  6. pinkeedee

    Monthly mind melt

    Does anyone else find themselves with a mushy brain at 'That time of the month'. I have just made a right booboo with a shellac Manicure and cured the colour coat for 10secs!!! Poor lady is having to come back later for her nails doing as the colour wasn't set and she had a meeting to go to...
  7. pinkeedee

    Organ donation

    After watching This Mornings appeal for Organ Doners it spurred me into action. Having seen on the programme the difference donated organs have made to peoples lives I felt the need to help so I tried to register via the internet but no luck, all the registration sites are down. So I thought...
  8. pinkeedee

    Body wrap training in West Yorkshire?

    Does anyone know of any Body Wrap trainers or training courses in West Yorkshire? I am interested in Shrinking Violet but have been ringing them all afternoon and no one is answering. Any accredited Body Wrap course would be ok, it doesn't have to be Shrinking Violet. Thank you :)
  9. pinkeedee

    OPI Gelcolour

    Hi geek peeps I've been reading all the threads about OPI Gelcolour as i am considering investing in the system. I use OPI Axxium at present and Shellac but like the colour choice on offer with Gelcolour. The comments seem to be mostly negative regarding the Gelcolour and this is obviously...
  10. pinkeedee

    CND - Guilty of...

    cruelty to Bank Accounts!!! My poor little bank account has barely had time to recover from the shock of paying for THE EVENT ticket and now the threat of NEW SHELLAC COLOURS and BRISA LITE is hovering menacingly on the horizon :eek:. Not sure how much the poor undernourished little thing can...
  11. pinkeedee

    Fluffy problems with Soft Landings wipes!

    I have used soft landings wipes since they first became available and i have loved them..... until now! The last two packs i have opened have got fluffy fibres standing up off them, they are stuck together like velcro and when i use them it leaves strands all over the nails. The wipe ends up...
  12. pinkeedee

    Dumped by a client for £10 nails

    Am feeling a bit hurt by one of my regular clients that has been with me since i started just over a year ago. She text me last night to say sorry but she was getting her nails done by a friend who does them for a tenner! She went on to say they were not very good and nowhere near as good as...
  13. pinkeedee

    Shellac VIP over Axxium gel

    Hi peeps I had a client last night that fell in love with silver vip shellac over midnight swim but her nails are not suited to Shellac (she's a hairdresser and it doesn't last) so i used the VIP over her second colour coat of navy opi axxium gel and then finished with axxium topcoat. Does...
  14. pinkeedee

    Christmas raffle

    I've been trying to think of things to do for xmas in my home salon and i was thinking of maybe doing a raffle for a beauty hamper. Does anyone know if there are any rules regarding holding a raffle? I don't want to be breaking any laws. Thanks :)
  15. pinkeedee

    No shows on a Friday!

    Really naffed off today due to booking the full afternoon out to two girls wanting nail extensions and eyebrows waxing etc. I had to turn down two regulars who rang on the off chance i could fit them in today and the girls haven't turned up!! I've rung them but they aren't answering. Why, why...
  16. pinkeedee

    CND gel conversion course - model problem

    I'm having a problem finding a model for my conversion course at s2 on wednesday. All my potential models are either away on hols or can't get time off work. S2 have told me i can't swap dates and that a model is definitely needed. I have a friend that has offered to model but she is a terrible...
  17. pinkeedee

    Brisa Bold

    Hi Just a quickie question, when using Brisa Bold gel colours, do i have to apply Brisa Bond and Brisa clear as a base or just Brisa Bond and then colour? I'm booked on a Brisa conversion next month but am rather impatient :D Thanks x
  18. pinkeedee

    Wiggly CND bulbs

    Hi I am having a few curing problems at the moment and my CND uv lamp is only a month old. I did a set of opi axxium gel nails yesterday and only the thumb nails were fully cured. I checked the bulbs and they were all lit up so I took all the bulbs out and turned them even though they are almost...
  19. pinkeedee

    Worked all day for £30 but loved it!

    Well today i've worked from 10 am til 5.30pm and been paid £30.00! But i've had a lovely day so i guess that means i love my job. I've done 2 full sets of semi perm lashes, 2 rockstar toes, 2 rockstar manicures and a set of french gel overlays. Why £30.00?? My stepdaughter had a full pre hols...
  20. pinkeedee

    Anyone tried Exposed sunless solutions?

    Hi I'm still trying to decide on a tan solution range to stick with and am testing as many as i can. I saw an advert today for 'exposed sunless solutions' in the Guild gazette. It sounded really promising so i rang them to enquire about a sample and purchasing the special offer of 4 bottles for...