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    Which colours in this picture?

    Hi everyone just wanted your opinions on colours in this pic? What would you use & do to get it like this? My client is currently a natural base of a warm 7 & has just been having a t-section last few years. I usually use loreal! Thanks guys!!
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    OPI gel summer colours?

    Hi guys! Can u recommend me some lovely bright summer colours please? I already have :- I eat mainly lobster On Collins avenue Strawberry margarita A bright yellow (can't remember name) My address is Hollywood Can't find my czechbook Pompeii purple Any recommendations would be great!!
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    OPI neon colours?

    Hey!!! Has anyone purchased the new neon Opi gel colours??? I ordered the pink & the coral & the coral I am so disappointed in. It's not Neon at all & it's not very bright, it's a little bit lighter than the colour "I eat mainly lobster " Just wondered if anyone else agrees??
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    Swarovski nails

    Hi peeps! I'm thinking of adding Swarovski nails as an extra service I just need a bit of advice on this please. Do I need to go on a course? (Although can't be hard to do) What do I need to get (glue recommendations) and how much do you charge?? Thanks! Xx
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    OPI gel-yellow?

    Hi I use the opi gel and need the brightest yellow!! Any suggestions? I can only see one called need sunglasses! X
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    How to create this look, please

    Hi my client has asked me to create this look, she likes the dark against the blonde but doesn't want that harsh line. I use loreal so was thinking a 5 on the regrowth & platine 30vol through the ends? Her hair is pretty much like this already but lighter on the roots. Any advice would be...