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    Fresha vs Treatwell

    Hi, Just wondering what everyone thinks of both of these booking systems. I am currently with treatwell as I never heard of the other one until just recently. I'm paying monthly for treatwell but I've only got maybe 3 customers from them in the last 2 months and they are not very good in...
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    Please help, salon vs room vs wait?

    Please help, I would love to rent a salon or room to offer my services as I do not have a room at home to set it up. I have been looking around and everywhere has pros and cons. I would be starting from scratch in getting clients so I was thinking would it better to rent someone's room who...
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    Unprofessional massage teacher and course

    Well I am a trainee beauty therapist and qualified in nails. I applied for a day massage course to add to my home services. It was advertised 10am till 4:30pm. I know day time courses are not the best but thought for an intensive day it would give me the confidence and knowledge to provide a...